Latest deaths for Jan. 24, 2004

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The Post-Gazette's comprehensive listings of recent deaths include two types of obituaries. News obituaries, prepared by our staff, are published at the discretion of our editors. Links to staff-written obituaries contain the individual's name. To suggest a news obituary, call 412-263-1601.

The "Latest Deaths" report below is provided as a public service. We accept information for this list only from funeral directors and representatives of crematoriums and memorial societies, who may call 412-263-1601 from 9 a.m. to 8:30 p.m.

Some names in the list of latest deaths are followed by a "CO", which indicates that a Classified Obituary has been published for this individual. Previous latest deaths reports designated these listings with a "DN." Funeral directors may place classified obituaries by calling 412-263-1371. To go to our list of classified obituaries, click here. Those wishing to express condolences or share memories can sign a guest book or post photos of the deceased at that section of the Web site.


ARBSTER, Dian Hartsock, 54, of Monroeville, Jan. 23. Jobe Funeral Home, Turtle Creek. (CO)

BRIGHT, Lois J., 45, of Plum, formerly of Penn Hills, died Jan. 22. Maurice L. Knee, Plum. (CO)

BROWN, Wilma, 78, of Wilkinsburg, died Jan. 21. Samuel E. Coston, East Liberty. (CO)

BUTLER, Paul J., 57, of Munhall, died Jan. 21. Savolskis-Wasik-Glenn, Munhall. (CO)

CINKAN, Donald B., died Jan. 21. Valerian F. Szal Funeral Home, McKees Rocks. (CO)

COLLETTO, Joseph P. Sr., of Bloomfield, died Jan. 23. Worrell, Sharpsburg. (CO)

CONLON, Roberta Burk, 58, of Shaler, died Jan. 23. Neely Funeral Home, Shaler. (CO)

CONNELLY, Anna Connors, 91, of Braddock, died Jan. 22. Patrick T. Lanigan Funeral Home, East Pittsburgh. (CO)

COOK, Norman Hall, 79, of Lawrenceville, Jan. 19. John F. Murray, Lawrenceville. (CO)

COOK, William Jr. "Bill," 57, of Rosslyn Farms, died Jan. 22. William Slater II, Scott. (CO)

DAHL, Dorothy A. McManus, of Avalon, died Jan. 22. McDonald-Linn, Avalon. (CO)

DePASTINO, Leonora T. Bonacci, 83, of Munhall, formerly of Penn Hills, died Jan. 20. George Irvin Green, Munhall. (CO)

DICKSON, Ronald, 61, of Brighton Heights, died Jan. 21. Stephen M. Brady Funeral Home, North Side.

DiMARCO, Joseph A. "Cuddy," 87, of Glassport, Jan 23. Wojciechowski, Glassport.

EDWARDS, Louis, 64, of Coraopolis, formerly of Moon, died Jan. 22. Copeland's Funeral Home, Moon. (CO)

EVANS, Emma A. Spiegel, 95, of Bethel Park, died Jan. 22. Paul L. Henney Memorial Chapel, Bethel Park. (CO)

FIORELLO, Marion Anderson, died Jan. 23. Griffith Mortuary, South Park. (CO)

HALL, Richard D., 49, formerly of Oakmont, died Jan. 23. Thomas D. English, Oakmont. (CO)

HERBSTER, Edward "Bud," died Jan. 22. Thomas J. Gmiter, South Side. (CO)

HOZA, Sister Mary Damian, died Jan. 22. Anthony G. Staab, West End. (CO)

KACH, Marie E. Dinzeo, 62, of Monroeville, died Jan. 23. Patrick T. Lanigan Funeral Home, East Pittsburgh. (CO)

KLUG, Margaret Spratt, 92, of Upper St. Clair, formerly of Mt. Lebanon, died Jan. 17. Beinhauer Mortuary, Mt. Lebanon. (CO)

KOLLER, Catherine "Sis," 85, of West Mifflin, died Jan. 21. Maloy-Schleifer, Duquesne. (CO)

KRETSCHMAIER, Esther Baldauff, 87, of Bellevue, Jan. 21. Schellhaas, West View. (CO)

LEACH, Julia, formerly of Schenley Heights, died Jan. 19. Samuel J. Jones, Hill District. (CO)

LEADBITTER, Dorothy I. Beyer, 82, of South Fayette, Jan. 22. Bogan-Wolf, Bridgeville. (CO)

LECHWAR, Kenneth L., died Jan. 22. O'Brien's Funeral Home, Brighton Heights. (CO)

LLOYD, James J., 83, of Upper St. Clair, died Jan. 22. Beinhauer Mortuary, Peters. (CO)

LORENCE, Betty A., 84, of Scott, died Jan. 22. William Slater II Funeral Services, Scott. (CO)

MALCOLM, Harold Graham, 72, of Green Tree, died Jan. 22. William Slater II, Scott. (CO)

MANN, Robert, 86, of Sewickley, died Jan. 22. Copeland's/Irvine Chapel, Sewickley. (CO)

MARQUIS, Catherine C., 88, of Oakmont, died Jan. 22. Thomas D. English, Oakmont. (CO)

MASSIMINO, Robert J., 78, of Plum, died Jan. 22. Stephen P. Dolence Jr., Plum. (CO)

McCALMONT, Byron C. "Mac," 65, of Ross, died Jan. 19. Lawrence T. Miller , Bellevue. (CO)

McCLELLAND, Thomas, 88, of West View, died Jan. 23. T.B. Devlin, Ross. (CO)

McCUSKER, Sister Rita, died Jan. 22. Daniel T. D'Allesandro Funeral Home. (CO)

McGAFFIN, Bernadette I. Taylor, of Brookline, formerly of Baldwin Borough, died Jan. 23. Frank F. DeBor Funeral Home, Brookline. (CO)

MICHALSKI, Agnes Kaminski, 83, of Lawrenceville, died Jan. 22. Walter J. Zalewski Funeral Home, Lawrenceville. (CO)

NEWMEYER, A. Patricia Gee, 79, of Avalon, died Jan. 22. McDonald-Linn, Avalon. (CO)

ONDOVCIK, Joseph F., 78, of West Mifflin, Jan. 22. Savolskis-Wasik-Glenn, Munhall. (CO)

O'NEIL, George Potter, 90, died Jan. 21. Copeland's, Sewickley. (CO)

PAUL, Lenora, of Blawnox, formerly of Stanton Heights, died Jan. 22. Ralph Schugar Chapel, Shadyside. (CO)

PHILLIPS, Victor, of Penn Hills, died Jan. 22. Burket-Truby Funeral Home, Oakmont. (CO)

PULFORD, Edward P., 92, of Coraopolis, died Jan. 22. Huntsman Funeral Home, Moon. (CO)

REED, Hallie E., 81, of Beltzhoover, died Jan. 19. Robinson Funeral Home, Perry Hilltop.

RITCHEY, Joe Ann Elliott, 76, formerly of South Park, Jan. 22. Beinhauer, Beechview. (CO)

ROBINSON, John L. Jr., 58, of Homewood, died Jan. 17. George A. Warden, Homewood.

RUGGIERI, Francis "Fran," of Baldwin Borough, died Jan. 23. John F. Slater, Brentwood.

SCHALTENBRAND, Robert P., of Hampton, died Jan. 22. Neely's, Shaler. (CO)

SHEALEY, Queen Esther, died Jan. 22. White Memorial Chapel, Point Breeze. (CO)

SLAGEL, Anna Mierzwa, 96, of West View, died Jan. 23. T.B. Devlin Funeral Home, Ross.

SOLES, Jeffrey A. Sr., 53, of Baldwin Borough, died Jan. 23. John F. Slater, Brentwood. (CO)

SPOTTE, Nara Caroline, of Mt. Lebanon, died Jan. 22. Laughlin Chapel, Mt. Lebanon. (CO)

STOCK, Mae., 71, of Penn Hills, died Jan. 23. Soxman/Roth Chapel, Penn Hills. (CO)

STRAUSS, David D., 67, of the North side, died Jan. 22. Heard , Observatory Hill. (CO)

SVACH, J. Virginia, of Shaler, formerly of Sharpsburg, died Jan. 23. Worrell Funeral Home, Sharpsburg.

SWANSON, Larry Charles, 53, East Liberty, died Jan. 17. Samuel E. Costone, East Liberty.

VODDE, Marie A. Barrett, died Jan. 23. James J. Barry Jr., Allentown. (CO)

WILSON, William B., 68, of Franklin Park, died Jan. 22. Simons, Ross. (CO)

WOESSNER, Rodger M., 72, of West Deer, died Jan. 23. King, Hampton. (CO)

WOJCIK, Pauline G. Adamski, 82, of Lawrenceville, died Jan. 22. Walter J. Zalewski Funeral Home, Lawrenceville. (CO)

YAVORKA, Joseph T., 59, of Shaler, died Jan. 22. Orion C. Pinkerton, Avalon. (CO)

YELOUSHAN, Betty J. Hollis, 78, formerly of Greenfield, died Jan. 22. Edward P. Kanai Funeral Home, Greenfield. (CO)


BOGOLEA, Albert N. Sr., 89, of New Brighton, died Jan. 22. William Murphy Funeral Home, Rochester Borough.

CHUTE, Lena L. Pasquale, 92, of New Brighton, died Jan. 22. J&J Spratt Funeral Home, New Brighton.


EDGAR, Eleanor Areford, 92, of Washington, Pa., Jan. 22. Piatt & Barnhill, Washington, Pa.

YOUSCHAK, Frances Ann, 53, of Hookstown, died Jan. 23. Hayden-Taucher Funeral Home, Burgettstown. (CO)


MARLATT, Mark Allen, 42, of Greensburg, died Jan. 22. Kepple-Graft Funeral Home, Greensburg. (CO)

McADAMS, Norma J., 74, of North Huntingdon, Jan. 23. J.F. Ott Funeral Home, Irwin.

McCLURE, Ruth Clark, 89, of Greensburg, formerly of Oakmont, died Jan. 23. James F. Ferguson Funeral Home. (CO)

MONSTROLA, Clara "Peggy," 86, of Irwin, died Jan. 23. J.F. Ott Funeral Home, Irwin.

SCHWENK, Josephine A., 74, of North Huntingdon, died Jan. 23. James W. Shirley Funeral Home, North Huntingdon.

SNYDER, L. Boyd, 98, of Ligonier, formerly of Stahlstown, died Jan. 22. L. Boyd Snyder Funeral Home, Donegal.


DAPRA, Brian Albert, 56, of Sarasota, Fla., formerly of Pittsburgh, died Dec. 8, 2003.

DiPIETRO, William P., of Sugar Land, Texas, formerly of Pleasant Hills, died Jan. 21. John F. Slater Funeral Home, Brentwood. (CO)

DUNNING, Ashby, of Laurel, Md., died Jan. 21. Fleck Funeral Home, Laurel. (CO)

FALGIONE, Mario D. Sr., 76, of St. Petersburg, Fla., formerly of Bloomfield, died Jan. 22.

FOX, Dorohy Jane Foster, 83, of Oradell, N.J., formerly of Upper St. Clair, died Jan. 21.

HALLEY, Harold E., of Orlando, Fla., formerly of Penn Hills, died Jan. 21. Findlay C. Wylie Funeral Home, Penn Hills.

HASSON, Vincent, 78, of Columbiana, Ohio, died Jan. 21. John Syka, Ambridge.

KWAIT, Joseph B., of Flagstaff, Ariz., formerly of Pittsburgh, died Jan. 22. (CO)

LUCAS, Carl L., 66, of Rockford, Ill., formerly of Pittsburgh, died Jan. 22. (CO)

MAJHAN, Thomas John, of Bremerton, Wash, formerly of Braddock, died Jan. 18. (CO)

NAGY, Kenneth L. Sr., 66, of Hanover, York County, died Jan. 22. Kenworthy Funeral Home, Hanover. (CO)

NEWMEYER, A. Patricia Gre, 79, died Jan. 22. McDonald-Lynn Funeral Home, Avalon. (CO)

POSHARD-SCHAFFNER, Nell R., 84, of San Antonio, Texas, formerly of West View, died Jan. 21. Funeral Caring USA, San Antonio, Texas.

RUGH, Mary Elizabeth "Mary Lib," 72, of Edinboro, Erie County, died Jan. 22. Bash-Nied Funeral Home, Delmont.

SALLINGER, Frieda C. Rottman, 97, of Mechanicsville, Va., formerly of Munhall, died Jan. 22. George Irvin Green Funeral Home, Munhall.

VAN LEMMEREN, Maria, 80, of New Port Richey, Fla., formerly of Penn Hills, died Jan. 7. (CO)


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