Random Acts of Kindness: Good Clevelanders made up for the misbehavior of others

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My family and I went to Cleveland for an overnight trip to attend the zoo during the day and the Cleveland Indians game at night. We stayed at a hotel and took the bus about 50 blocks down to the ballpark.

We had a great day and enjoyed the game and fireworks display that ended the evening. During the game, the person in the seat next to us went to a souvenir stand and bought my 4-year-old daughter a mascot doll as a surprise.

Afterward, as we headed toward the bus stop we noticed a few individuals who were making comments that made us uncomfortable. Nevertheless, we got on the bus, but these people headed toward me and began a verbal assault on me. They were using profanity, and they also made my pregnant wife and daughter uncomfortable.

So we got off the bus early and were about 25 blocks away from our hotel. It was late, and I had my very tired 4-year-old on my shoulder and a tired, pregnant wife by my side. We called a cab and were standing outside a club, the Agora Theatre, when a gentleman came out to check on us.

He told us to stand inside the club lobby and gave us water while we waited. After 20 minutes without a cab showing up, he offered us a ride to our hotel. We gratefully accepted, and when we offered him money to pay for the ride, he wouldn’t accept it.

It goes to show that there are decent people who were raised by their parents the correct way and want to help someone in need. The gentleman was the club owner and I wish his club nothing but the greatest success.



Motorists alertly pointed out scooter rider’s potential risk

I’m not sure whether the following counts as random acts of kindness or as acts of public safety:

I ride a 250cc motor scooter that allows me to (1) hit 65 mph and (2) be extraordinarily vulnerable to ... everything: fickle winds, other drivers, sudden interaction with pavement.

The small bike doesn’t carry much, so I use a bungee cord to tie down my knapsack. On two recent occasions alert drivers called attention to my idle bungee cord, which had become undone and was dangling precariously close to the rear wheel, making me precariously close to joining the Choir Invisible.

I am very grateful to these observant residents of this wonderful city, who are yet another example of how we look out for our own by keeping them upright instead of sideways.


Ben Avon

Restaurant’s notable gesture helped a widow with her loss

My husband, Anthony, passed away on June 8. Our 55th anniversary would have been June 20.

My daughter, Maria, decided to make a dinner reservation for the two of us to remember this day. She called the Springfield Grill on Route 228 and spoke with the manager, who asked if it was a special occasion.

Of course, my daughter broke down and was crying while explaining why we planned to go to the Springfield Grill for dinner.

When we arrived, I had no knowledge about my daughter’s conversation.

The manager came up to me and my daughter and hugged us and said our story touched her heart.

When we were taken to the table, there was a sympathy card for each of us. It certainly brought tears to us for the kindness and warmness.

We are very thankful for such wonderful, caring people.


West Deer

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