Random Acts of Kindness: Biking adventure became a tale of peril and saviors

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Biking adventure became a tale of peril and saviors

My husband, Michael, and I had just completed 37 miles of our 40-45 mile bike ride — a training ride for a 380-mile trip along the Erie Canal set for July.

We were at The Waterfront in Homestead on our way home from the Great Allegheny Passage. We had just ascended the ramp that takes you toward the Rankin Bridge and I was making a left into a really rocky, empty lot when I lost control and fell.

I looked down and saw that I had sliced my leg about 6 inches on my shin. It was a mess. I laid down, raised my leg, wrapped it in a handkerchief and started yelling.

Michael tried to call 911 on his cell but between his anxiety and the sun blocking the face of the phone, it would not work. He ran to get help on Route 837, and that’s when Bill appeared.

Bill called 911, directed the police and the ambulance and kept both Michael and I calm by telling us his biking stories.

Then Becky showed. “I’m a nurse,” she told us, and she went into action by holding my leg, applying pressure and making me feel completely safe. She told me she worked at Mercy Hospital, and when the paramedics came, I said, “Take me to Mercy.”

It was 15 minutes of my life that started out scary and traumatic, but they were made better by two amazingly kind people who are now a big part of my biking story adventure. Thank you, Bill. Thank you, Becky.



Special people helped woman after a special necklace broke

I was getting water for myself and my coworkers in our food court at South Hills Village Mall when, all of a sudden, my Origami Owl necklace — a necklace almost like a locket with a bunch of tiny charms inside — came apart and my charms fell out.

I fell to the ground to find and collect the teeny gems when a woman and her son came up. The woman asked what I was looking for, and I told her what had happened.

She immediately knew the necklace brand and how expensive it was. She told her son to help look along with her, and the three of us got on our hands and knees. Her son found a clear gem that was the last one I had been unable to find.

I am so incredibly grateful for their kindness and willingness to help out a complete stranger.

Bethel Park

Generosity greatly flavored a pair’s ice cream dessert

My friend and I were in Oakland the other night and had just finished dinner. We wanted something sweet to round off the evening, so off to Dave and Andy’s it was for ice cream.

We did not realize, however, that it was cash only. While standing in line, we frantically went through our wallets and pockets looking for spare change.

The gentlemen both in front of and behind us noticed our distress, and each offered us some money to help pay for our ice cream. These men did not know us or anything about us, except perhaps that we were friends who loved ice cream, but these two facts alone were enough for them to give us the money we needed.

It may not seem like very much, but it meant the world to us. So to those two gentlemen, thank you very much for your random acts of kindness.

Highland Park

Shopper who donated coupon contributed more to a stranger

While shopping at the Giant Eagle on Ben Avon Heights Road in Kilbuck, a gentleman behind me in the checkout line offered me a $3 coupon on produce.

I thanked him very much, of course, and went on getting my money out for the rest of my order, but the cashier then said the man was paying for it all.

I was so grateful for his kindness that I had to sit down to collect myself. God bless you, and I will pass this on. There are so many good folks out there.


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