Random Acts of Kindness: Stranger's quick reaction prevented mess in market

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A busy single mom, I was multi-tasking -- grocery shopping in Bridgeville while completing a business phone call -- when I did the unforgiveable.

I attempted to check a carton of eggs one-handed. To my dismay, I started to lose my grip on the opened carton of eggs (the expensive, cage-free variety). A hand reached out from behind me to catch the carton and prevent a huge mess.

I turned around to see the face of an angel, who said, "That's my worst nightmare!" Thanks to my sweet angel, who appeared in time to prevent a horrible and embarrassing mess!



Anonymous donor supplied funds to help purchase bike

With the help of bariatric surgery, I've spent the last year trying to lose weight and get my health in order.

Having had pretty good success thus far, I decided to post some "progress pictures" in my favorite online weight loss forum. It's requested that in the posts you provide information as to how you've lost weight, so I mentioned that I now walk everywhere but was saving up to buy a cheap bike that I could use to commute to and from work.

The next evening, I was messaged privately by an individual asking if I had a PayPal account and if I would be comfortable accepting a small donation for a bike. I passed along my PayPal email address, thinking that nothing would come of this. Much to my surprise, I awoke the next morning with an email from PayPal saying this man, a complete Internet stranger I had never met, had sent me $200. I was floored!

I have since done plenty of research on bikes and think I found a very respectable one for a very good price. Thank you, Internet stranger, for the gift of health!


North Point Breeze

Delivery charge bypassed due to couple with a truck

Last week, I was shopping at an estate sale and found a craft chest perfect for what I was looking for.

After my purchase I tried to fit it in the car, but no luck. I returned to the salesperson and asked how much it would be for delivery. She wasn't sure, so she made a phone call.

One of the other customers overheard me ask how much the delivery charge would be. She came over and said she lived right near me and that she and her husband would deliver it in their truck to my home.

Scott and Shelley, what a fabulous random act of kindness. It certainly made my day.



Customers outdo one another with offers in checkout lines

I buy clothes, shoes and toys at half-price for refugee families in Prospect Park in Whitehall.

So on a Wednesday, which is senior half-price day at the Red White & Blue Thrift Store near the Liberty Tubes, I had collected about $15 worth of goods and was standing in line to check out.

I was called up to the cashier's long counter just after a couple was called to the other cashier to the right of me. The clerk asked the husband from that couple if he had a senior with him, which would have given him half-off too, but he said no. I asked his clerk if I might qualify as his senior but was told, "You could have if you'd spoken up right away, but I've already started it as a full-price sale."

My cashier was then totaling my items, but I realized that I only had $6 in cash on me. I asked, "Can you hold my purchases while I drive down Route 51 a few blocks to a gas station ATM?"

Suddenly, the husband from the other line handed my clerk a $20 bill.

"Oh, no," I said. "I can get the money."

But the clerk took the man's money and gave me the change. I had to insist that the man at least take my $6 and the change from his $20 bill. I'm not even sure that I thanked him!

So while I was trying to help out new refugees to this country, this man, who was Latino, came to my aid. Quite the irony!



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