Random Acts of Kindness: A passer-by to a car accident bought refreshments to help

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A passer-by to a car accident bought refreshments to help

I was parked at South Hills Village mall on April 16 around noon. While inside Barnes & Noble, I observed some people looking outside toward the parking lot.

Apparently, someone trying to park had damaged other vehicles. My pickup truck was in that area, so I went outside to check on my vehicle.

I got there to see my truck had been hit and pushed into three other vehicles, damaging them. The lady who caused the damage was naturally upset and was very courteous about the entire situation. In fact, everyone involved cooperated, and we all exchanged information calmly. It helped that none of us was in our car when it was hit.

While we were exchanging information about our damaged vehicles, a young lady passing by saw what was going on. She went into the mall and came back out, handing me a bag containing bottled water and cookies. She walked away without saying much, except she hoped her gift would help us all feel better.

My hope is that her simple act of kindness was very helpful to the lady who did the damage, in addition to me. This world has some very special people who care about others. Much thanks to the pretty young lady in the blue-purple car.


Bethel Park


A lot of motorists assisted when a tire came off a car

My car had been making a rattling noise for about a week, and on April 12, the noise was worse and my front wheel was shaking.

Knowing that I now had a major problem, I was heading to my local Monro Muffler service center when the front wheel fell off and rolled down the street. The driver ahead of me pulled into a nearby parking lot, stopped to see if anyone was hurt and retrieved the tire for me.

The driver behind me turned out to be a fire department employee, who immediately called the police for us to keep us safe since I was near an intersection. While waiting for the tow truck, another driver wanted to know if we needed any help.

To the driver ahead of me, if you are reading this, I forgot to even ask your name, but many, many thanks. If the tire hadn't been recovered, I would have needed four new tires instead of one.


Mt. Lebanon


Women from senior high-rise got nice surprise on an outing

I and some of my lady friends who live in the Brinton Towers Senior High Rise Apartments in Braddock Hills called the Access cab on March 30 and went to Mohan's Restaurant in Penn Hills for dinner.

We unloaded from the cab with our canes and our walkers and were seated in a booth. We had an enjoyable evening talking and reminiscing. We enjoyed a wonderful dinner and we each ordered a small pizza to take home.

When we were finished and asked the waitress for our check, she informed us that our bill had already been taken care of. When we asked by whom, she said the two ladies who were sitting in a booth by us. None of us knew who they were. We couldn't even thank them because they left before we got our bill.

We were all so stunned and also very grateful for their generosity and kindness. We just hope the mystery ladies will read this and know how much they brightened our day. May God bless them.


Braddock Hills

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