Random Acts of Kindness: Family came out of nowhere to make her holiday special

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Family came out of nowhere to make her holiday special

I was in the checkout line at the Wal-Mart in Heidelberg Shopping Center on Dec. 23, debating in my mind whether to pay in cash or use a credit card.

It was then that this very sweet young boy came up to me and handed me three $20 bills. He said, "We want to help you."

I just looked at him through a lot of tears, and then I saw his mother come to me. She said, "We wanted to help someone, and we picked you."

I was crying and trying to say "Thank you, you will never know how much this means to me."

After some big hugs to go with the tears, I went about paying for my purchase. Then the boy came back and handed me another $20 bill. He said his dad had said I did not have enough money to pay for my purchase.

I just want to tell this wonderful young family that you will forever be my Christmas angels. Thank you and God bless you, and as promised, I did pay it forward with a donation to the Humane Society on the North Side.



Her own version of Santa saved her from car trouble

At 8 p.m. on Christmas, while driving from my son's home near North Park, my car died back on Mount Washington at the intersection of McArdle Roadway and Grandview Avenue. Stopped dead!

Many drivers passed me by, but one young man, Ron from the West End, stopped. He asked if I had jumper cables. I did, and he halted oncoming traffic, attached his car battery to mine via the cables, and he got my car engine to turn over.

He then said, "I'll follow you to your building to see that you get home safely," which he did.

As he was driving off, I told him that his parents raised a very fine young man. He was my Santa Claus.


Mount Washington

Shopper in need of help found the right women

While shopping for breakfast rolls Jan. 4 at the Giant Eagle Market District in Bethel Park, I met two of the nicest young ladies who helped me get what I needed.

The first one noticed that I was having trouble getting a bag for the rolls. She got one for me and even opened it for me.

While I was still looking for rolls, the other lady noticed that I was bleeding from an old cut on my hand. She immediately got an antiseptic pad to wipe it and stop the blood, and then she placed a Band-Aid over the cut.

I never did find out the names of these ladies, but I was very happy that I was able to put on a glove and be on my way back home. They were so kind and helpful that I will never forget them for making me feel at ease again.


Mt. Lebanon

Year got off to great start due to return of calendars

It was a blustery afternoon a few days before Christmas, and I had just purchased two desk calendars at the Barnes & Noble in the Waterworks. I was on my way to Giant Eagle for some last-minute shopping.

All was well until the next day, when I began wrapping my gifts. The two calendars were nowhere to be found. I retraced my steps and called Barnes & Noble in the hope that someone had found and returned the calendars, since they were in the store bag. No luck.

I then called the Giant Eagle. No luck there either. At that point, I hoped that whoever had found them would enjoy them.

The next day I went back to the Waterworks to purchase the two calendars again. But first I decided to stop at the Giant Eagle just in case some kind person had found and turned them in. And to my surprise, someone had done so. There in the Barnes & Noble bag were my two calendars with the gift receipts.

I told the person in customer service that someone was very kind, and he agreed. I wish this person an abundance of blessings in the new year. This kind act was greatly appreciated and will serve as my reminder to do likewise.



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