Random Acts of Kindness: Another customer at state store got her 2014 off to a great start

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Another customer at state store got her 2014 off to a great start

There I was at the state store just ready to pay for my four-pack of little Champagne bottles when the gentleman behind me asked if they were for me.

Jokingly, I said as I touched one of the little bottles, "I'll start with this one."

At that moment he extended his hand with the money for my purchase to the cashier. The cashier must have looked puzzled (I was stunned looking at the gentleman), as the man behind me then said, "It's OK. She's my great-aunt."

So, to my "great-nephew," thank you for the big New Year's surprise.

(I'll have to keep your technique in mind when I try to pass along a random act of kindness in 2014.)


Mt. Lebanon

Timing was good by a stranger helping her get up out of snow

I was taking my trash out to the curb for pickup on Jan. 2, and on the way back to my house I slid on the snow. I fell and could not get up.

I tried sliding on my backside to the steps, but that didn't work either. Then I saw a car parking across the street, and I started yelling, "Help! Help!"

This nice gentleman heard me and came over. He tried getting in front of me to help lift me up, but that didn't work, because I was still sliding. So next he helped me from behind, which worked.

He then watched me until I got safely on my porch. I thank him so much for helping me, as I don't know what I would have done if it wasn't for him.


New Yorkers show good deeds also being done in that big city

After leaving my sister's home at around 11:30 on Christmas Eve, my car ran out of gas in the middle of an intersection in Queens.

Cars were beeping and people were shouting when I heard a knock on my window. I rolled down the window, and the guy there said, "Put it in neutral and I'll push you."

So he pushed me through the intersection to a corner. I was about to call for service help when I heard another knock at the window. Same gentleman.

"Sounds like you are out of gas," he said. "Better turn off your lights to save your battery." So I did.

Minutes later, I heard something and rolled down the window. The same gentleman was putting gas in my car.

My 12-year-old son said to offer him money, so I offered the man a few dollars, and he said, "I don't want your money. Merry Christmas."

He then told me where the nearest gas station was and followed me there. I pulled into the gas station, and he honked, waved goodbye and drove off.

What a blessing this man was on a cold night. I am so glad that my son was with me so that he could see there remain gentlemen and good men in the world.


New York City

Minister was in right place to help a man without cash

I was shopping at a South Hills market, and when I tried to check out I discovered that I had totally forgotten my wallet and could not pay for my cart of groceries.

I was in the process of explaining my problem to the cashier when a gentleman who was in front of me turned and offered to pay for all of my groceries. (I think it amounted to more than $15, but he had no idea what the total cost would be.)

He explained that he was a minister in a small church and this was his way of being a good neighbor.

I was so overwhelmed by his generous nature that I neglected to get his name, or the name of his church. I would like to thank him for his act of kindness to a stranger. I will definitely pass it forward.



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