Thanks, Aunt Ina.

Local Dispatch: The Christmas ham that got us going

In 1950s, an aunt with a large ham for Christmas dinner motivated 13 of us to pile into a car to visit. And then it began to snow. A lot ...

2 days ago

 Greetings, friends.

Local Dispatch: Why we still send Christmas cards

One can see how this quaint custom might fade. But when you send someone a real Christmas card, you are also sending a piece of yourself.

3 days ago

 Director Chris Ivey, in action.

Diana Nelson Jones' Walkabout: 'Youth Rising' by Chris Ivey gets inside the kids of Shuman

The “East of Liberty” filmmaker expands documentary to address youth culture and violence with youth at Shuman Detention Center.

5 days ago

 Caption Contest 276

Caption Contest 276 ... and winners of CapCon 275

Stacy Innerst is the artist. You are the caption writer.

1 week ago

Random Acts of Kindness: A wallet and iPhone returned shows simple human decency

Plus: A terrifying incident on the highway, with my car doing 360s. I avoided an accident. Then other motorists helped me recover.

1 week ago

 The Rev. Glenn Grayson with a collage of photographs at Hill District pop-up museum.

Diana Nelson Jones' Walkabout: 'Our Hill, Our Home, Our Stories' pops up to honor the Hill District

A museum of hours, not of years, represents the fleeting transit of personal history that leaves the stage when we do.

1 week ago

 Thanksgiving turkeys are shown at a Cub Foods store in Bloomington, Minn. Richard Volpe, a retail food price economist formerly with the U.S. Department of Agriculture, said one of the most effective things supermarkets can do to lure holiday shoppers is to advertise cheap turkeys whose prices tend to be lowest around the holidays when demand is highest.

Fear not: You’ll get your Thanksgiving feast

Thanksgiving diners will find plenty to gobble despite worry about turkey and pumpkin supplies.

2 weeks ago

Random Acts of Kindness: A purse full of ‘my life’ was returned

Plus: Thank you to all firefighters and rescue workers; she heard my wish; a blank check was in the mail

2 weeks ago

 The Hill District Shop 'n Save: plenty of greens

Diana Nelson Jones' Walkabout: Hill District Shop 'n Save just needs more shoppers

It was a long process to get a real supermarket in this food desert. Residents are grateful, but neighbors should check it out, too.

2 weeks ago

Caption Contest 275 ... and winners of CapCon 274

Stacy Innerst is the artist. You are the caption writer.

3 weeks ago

 Wrinkles: quite a clown

This clown has fun creeping out kids

“Wrinkles” the creepy clown, based in Naples, Fla., enjoys giving kids a frightfully good time. “I want to bring scary back,” he said.

3 weeks ago

Animal Tales: Active cardinal wormed its way into couple’s hearts

Cirque du Soleil performers had nothing on the acrobatic red cardinal that visited our Mt. Lebanon home for a year.

3 weeks ago

Random Acts of Kindness: Couple out of gas found ready help from stranger

Plus: Family produced plenty of restaurant surprises

3 weeks ago

 The old Hulton Bridge.

Local Dispatch: Old Hulton Bridge led her to best place she’s been

I trace my affection for this 107-year-old structure back to the very first time I crossed it, during the spring of 1992.

3 weeks ago

 Wilksboro Avenue footbridge, closed since 2007.

Diana Jones' Walkabout: Preservationists make new plea for what to save

Young Preservationists Association’s Top 10 list gives another nod to pedestrians.

3 weeks ago

 Former Virginia Gov. Jim Gilmore gets an unsought endorsement.

Gary Rotstein's Morning File: There’s one fewer presidential candidate — me

It’s time to leave the presidential race to better candidates, like Jim Gilmore.

3 weeks ago

Bigfoot believers get together, seriously

Bigfoot sightings get taken very seriously at annual conference.

4 weeks ago

 Janet Leigh in "Psycho."

Storytelling: ‘Psycho’ showered surprises upon a young couple

First time seeing “Psycho” provided a clothing fiasco amid the chills.

1 month ago