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Analysis: New party in charge, same challenges

The tense House meltdown underscores how Congress has lost the ability to perform its most basic functions, no matter who’s in charge.

24 minutes ago

No Child Left Behind debate in the House suspended

Party leaders said they had to shift the chamber’s focus to debate funding the Department of Homeland Security.

24 minutes ago

 U.S. House Speaker John Boehner, R-Ohio, (middle) returns to his office after a visit to the House floor for procedural votes for legislation to fund the Department of Homeland Security at the Capitol in Washington on Friday.

Congress avoids Homeland Security shutdown with stopgap measure

The House of Representatives voted 357-60 for the measure with support from Democrats, following Senate passage by a voice vote.

about 1 hour ago

 House Speaker John Boehner of Ohio responds to reporters about the impasse over passing the Homeland Security budget because of Republican efforts to block President Barack Obama's executive actions on immigration, Thursday, Feb. 26, 2015, during a news conference on Capitol Hill in Washington. The House voted last month to end Homeland Security funding on Saturday unless Obama reverses his order to protect millions of immigrants from possible deportation. After Democratic filibusters blocked the bill in the Senate, the chamber's Republican leaders agreed this week to offer a "clean" funding measure, with no immigration strings attached.  (AP Photo/J. Scott Applewhite)

House GOP weighs new approach on Homeland Security

House Republicans agreed to vote on short-term funding for the Department of Homeland Security.

1 day ago

Conservatives take turns slamming Obama, Hillary Clinton — even Jeb Bush

It was difficult for GOP presidential hopefuls to determine which arch-enemy to target at the Conservative Political Action Conference.

1 day ago

 FILE - In this Feb. 8, 2015, file photo, Israeli Prime Minister Benjamin Netanyahu attends the weekly cabinet meeting in his Jerusalem office. Netanyahu on Tuesday, Feb. 24, 2015, turned down an invitation to meet privately with Senate Democrats next week during his visit to Washington, saying the session "could compound the misperception of partisanship" surrounding his trip. (AP Photo/Sebastian Scheiner, Pool, File)

U.S.-Israel quarrel intensifies

U.S.-Israel rift grows over Israeli Prime Minister Benjamin Netanyahu’s speech to Congress next week against any nuclear deal with Iran.

2 days ago

NATO commander offers bleak outlook for Ukraine

Air Force Gen. Philip Breedlove said Putin’s success in destabilizing Ukraine would spur him to raise similar conflicts elsewhere.

2 days ago

House GOP still torn over Homeland Security funding

As the Senate progressed on a bill to fund the Department of Homeland Security before its money runs out Friday night, it was still unclear

2 days ago

McConnell plan moves Senate closer to deal on Homeland Security funding

But the proposal faced an uncertain future in the House, where Republican leaders conspicuously refused to embrace it.

3 days ago

U.S. health official says no fix if Obamacare subsidies thrown out

The Supreme Court is expected to rule by the end of June on whether residents in at least 34 states are eligible for federal tax subsidies.

3 days ago

Obama calls for higher standards on brokers giving retirement advice

Warning against advisers “bilking” clients, the president billed the move as part of his renewed focus on a populist economic message.

4 days ago

 “I’m really expecting the court to do the right thing, which is to say you don’t really need state exchanges to qualify for the credits,” Gov. Tom Wolf said Monday in an interview in Washington, D.C.

Pennsylvania's governor prepares for loss of federal health insurance subsidies

If the U.S. Supreme Court guts the Affordable Care Act this summer, the Pennsylvania governor wants to have a backup plan in place.

4 days ago

In Supreme Court case challenging ACA, some question plaintiffs’ true problem with law

The plaintiffs charge that the Internal Revenue Service’s interpretation of the federal health care law is wrong.

4 days ago

 Security employees do a scheduled training exercise Monday at the Mall of America in Bloomington, Minn.

Republicans divided as Homeland Security shutdown looms

Meanwhile, White House officials began preparations for a potential shutdown of the agency this weekend.

4 days ago

With expected Keystone veto, Obama to open new era of presidency

The expected Keystone veto, the third and most significant of his six years in office, would likely be followed by more presidential vetoes.

5 days ago

Homeland Security shutdown can be avoided by Friday: senators

The senior Republican lawmakers’ statements come amid a GOP push to roll back President Barack Obama’s executive actions on immigration.

5 days ago

Justice Dept. vs. Big Tobacco battle over cigarettes continues

R.J. Reynolds Tobacco Co. and several other leading companies are challenging the vividly worded statements mandated by a federal judge.

5 days ago

Democrats have lost their way, party report says

The party has a muddled message and an inability to turn out enough of its loyal voters.

6 days ago

 Will Sen. Elizabeth Warren (D-Mass.) run for president?

Elizabeth Warren: a passionate and influential voice

U.S. Sen. Elizabeth Warren of Massachusetts is poised to leave her mark on the 2016 presidential race whether she is a candidate or not.

6 days ago

Obama announces initiatives to curb recruitment by terrorist groups

The president aimed to strike a balance between addressing the risk of radicalization and the need to reassure Muslim-Americans.

1 week ago

UPMC doctor chosen for commission to oversee VA health improvements

Dr. Marshall W. Webster is among 15 on the Commission on Care authorized after problems with care at Veterans Administration hospitals.

1 week ago

U.S. officials say Israel is ‘distorting’ reality of Iran talks

The Obama administration’s unusually blunt and terse language once again highlighted the rift between the two sides.

1 week ago

Jeb Bush vows his own course while tapping longtime family advisers

While making the promise to shape his own foreign policy, he said, “There were mistakes made in Iraq, for sure.”

1 week ago

Condolence and conflict: Johnson letter to King’s widow to be auctioned

When Harry Belafonte considered auctioning it through Sotheby’s in 2008, shortly after Ms. King died, the three King children objected.

1 week ago

U.S. intensifies effort to blunt messaging used by Islamic State to attract recruits

The Obama administration is acknowledging that the group has been very effective in attracting new recruits, financing and global notoriety.

1 week ago

 In this Thursday photo, a laptop shows the HealthCare.com website during an Affordable Care Act enrollment event at the Fort Worth Public Library in Fort Worth, Texas. For the second year in a row, millions of Americans have signed up for subsidized health insurance under President Barack Obama’s law. But as the 2015 sign-up season drew to a close Sunday, the future of the Affordable Care Act remained in doubt.

Senior Democrats seek sign-up extension for people facing health law penalties

They strongly urged the administration to grant a special sign-up opportunity for the uninsured who will be facing fines under the law.

1 week ago

FAA might allow thousands of businesses to fly drones

Meanwhile, a directive issued Sunday requires federal agencies to disclose where they fly drones and what they do with the data collected.

1 week ago

Alabama justice vows to defy U.S. Supreme Court if it backs gay marriage

The chief justice of the state’s top court said the ruling would alter God’s “organic law.”

1 week ago

Boehner says he’d allow Homeland Security shutdown

His statement raised the possibility that one of the government’s largest and most vital agencies could be shut down at the end of February.

1 week ago

 Mayor Michael Nutter, center, and other officials cheer during a conference call with U.S. Rep. Debbie Wasserman Schultz, chairwoman of the Democratic National Committee, over news that the city was chosen to host the Democratic National Convention in 2016.

Philadelphia to host Dems, Cleveland the GOP. Where does Pittsburgh lean?

Pittsburgh is a purple battleground between the 2016 political convention sites and the next presidential candidate.

2 weeks ago

 Ashton Carter

U.S. Senate approves Ashton Carter as new defense secretary

Carter will be the president's fourth defense secretary, succeeding Chuck Hagel, who resigned under pressure last year.

2 weeks ago

Agency funding elusive as Republicans still split

On Wednesday, the two sides showed little inclination toward compromise.

2 weeks ago

Obama to make war power bid to lawmakers

After 7,000 U.S. military lives lost in Iraq and Afghanistan, President Barack Obama will face doubts from both sides of the aisle.

2 weeks ago

 An elderly woman reacts Monday after the neighborhood where she lives was damaged by a recent shelling, according to locals, on the outskirts of Donetsk, eastern Ukraine.

Obama, Merkel rally behind diplomacy in Ukraine conflict

At a joint news conference at the White House on Monday, German Chancellor Angela Merkel said it was crucial the West stand up for Ukraine.

2 weeks ago

 Alabama began issuing marriage licenses to same-sex couples despite an 11th-hour attempt from Chief Justice Roy Moore of the Alabama Supreme Court to block the weddings.

Thomas’ Alabama dissent hints of Supreme Court’s intentions on same-sex marriage

In a 7-2 order, the Supreme Court justices rejected the bid to stop a federal trial judge’s legalization order from taking effect Monday.

2 weeks ago

Once-paralyzed player is rapidly climbing political ladder

Fifteen years after a hit left him motionless on the Ohio Stadium turf, Adam Taliaferro is one of New Jersey’s newest lawmakers.

2 weeks ago

Alabama braces for same-sex weddings

Gay marriage is expected to come to this state today amid particularly familiar disputes about federal authority and states’ rights.

2 weeks ago

Gun debate reignites in Colorado, 2½ years after Aurora theater shooting

Newly empowered Republicans at the state Capitol are trying to repeal measures tightening gun laws, reviving an emotional conversation.

3 weeks ago

Obama national security strategy stresses alliances, American values

But the president emphasized the broad strokes of a strategy providing “a vision for strengthening and sustaining American leadership …”

3 weeks ago

Howard Hanna to help GOP conventioneers find housing for the 2016 gala in Cleveland

The convention, which kicks off July 18-21, will be hosted in Cleveland's Quicken Loans Arena.

3 weeks ago

  House Transportation and Infrastructure Committee Chairman Rep. Bill Shuster, R-Pa.

New water system proposal draws criticism from Republicans

Republicans say the regulations are an overreach that will harm farmers and developers while usurping powers that should be left to states.

3 weeks ago

Defense nominee Carter casts himself as independent voice

President Barack Obama’s choice to become the next secretary of defense said he was “very much inclined” to provide arms to Ukraine.

3 weeks ago

 The president's budget proposal seeks $478 billion over six years to improve what it calls “crumbling” roads and bridges, transit systems and freight networks.

President Obama’s transportation proposal may face a rough road

Since 2009, Congress has done little except to pass multiple extensions of surface transportation funding, with no substantial increases.

3 weeks ago

President's budget provides help for underfunded pensions for 100,000 mine workers

United Mine Workers of America supports the proposal, noting that it provides a long-term fix without new appropriations.

3 weeks ago

 Printed copies of President Barack Obama's proposed 2016 budget will be handed out on Capitol Hill in Washington today.

Obama proposes budget, sets up battle with Republicans

The budget fleshes out proposals from Obama’s State of the Union address and highlights Democratic priorities.

3 weeks ago

Obama’s $4 trillion budget includes higher taxes on rich and big banks, public works program

The grab-bag of proposals, many recycled from past Obama budgets, already is generating fierce objections from Republicans.

3 weeks ago

Christie visits U.K. as governor decides whether to run in 2016

England marks the fourth foreign trip of the New Jersey governor’s six-year administration — and the third in five months.

3 weeks ago

Teachers union, think tank propose compromise on testing of U.S. students

The American Federation of Teachers and Center for American Progress want to keep administering tests each year and publishing certain data.

3 weeks ago

 President Barack Obama

Congress mulls fast track for trade agreements

The GOP-led legislative branch could give the president authority to negotiate the agreements that would receive quick up or down votes.

3 weeks ago

 Former GOP presidential candidate Mitt Romney speaks at Mississippi State University Wednesday. Mr. Romney has discovered that many past major fundraisers and donors in key states have defected to former Florida Gov. Jeb Bush.

Romney says he will not run for president in 2016

Romney jumped back into the presidential discussion on Jan. 10, when he told a group of former donors he was eyeing another White House run.

4 weeks ago


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