Obituary: Arthur P. Glickman / Former Pittsburgh Press reporter, author

Dec. 22, 1940 - Nov. 28, 2008

December 9, 2008 5:00 AM
By Diana Nelson Jones Pittsburgh Post-Gazette

Arthur P. Glickman, an author and former reporter for The Pittsburgh Press and The Wall Street Journal, died Nov. 28 after suffering a heart attack during a visit to Portland, Ore., according to his cousin, Audrey Glickman, of Greenfield.

A native of Squirrel Hill, Mr. Glickman was retired and living in Arcata, Calif., his cousin said. He was 67.

After working for about a decade at The Pittsburgh Press, Mr. Glickman worked for The Wall Street Journal and for Ralph Nader's consumer crusades by researching the automotive industry.

He wrote about automotive repair scams for Consumer Reports magazine and, with attorney Donald A. Randall, co-authored "The Great American Automobile Repair Robbery: A Report on a Ten-Billion-Dollar National Swindle and What You Can Do About It."

He also wrote the best-seller "Mr. Badwrench: How You Can Survive the $20 Billion-a-Year Auto Repair Rip-off."

A lifelong bachelor, he adopted a vegetarian and environmental lifestyle, growing his own fruit and vegetables, said Ms. Glickman.

"He never put much of a biography in his books, which was very typical of him," she said. "He was shy about himself, self-effacing."

She said he regularly took off to travel and once hitchhiked around the world.

"He always said he would get a good book out of it."

A graduate of Allderdice High School and Duquesne University, Mr. Glickman was remembered by Post-Gazette staff writer Lawrence Walsh, a former Press colleague, as an enterprising, persistent reporter.

"He had an Art Buchwald style, a wry smile. He would hear something from a bureaucratic source and roll his eyes" in the typical way of a skeptical journalist, Mr. Walsh said. "I think he had a lot of fun as a reporter."

Another former colleague at The Press, Roger Stuart, said the staff lovingly called him "Art Glickwald, because of his style."

"We'd say, 'Give it to Glickwald, it's right up his alley.' He was a good feature writer, and he was a funny guy, had a weird sense of humor," said Mr. Stuart, a retired Post-Gazette writer and editor. "He was one of the good guys in the newsroom."

Mr. Glickman is survived by one sister, Nina Smith of Denver. A private memorial service will be held Dec. 28 in Berkeley, Calif.

Correction/Clarification: (Published Dec. 10, 2008) Arthur Glickman was a graduate of Duquesne University. This obituary as originally published Dec. 9, 2008 gave an incorrect alma mater.