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FBI behind mysterious surveillance aircraft over US cities

The FBI has a civilian air force of scores of low-flying planes over U.S. cities to conduct both video surveillance and cell phone tracking.

White House opens ‘superbug’ summit

A mainly closed-door White House meeting is seeking vendors for antibiotic-free meat and poultry to serve in government cafes it manages.



New battles rage near Aleppo between Syrian insurgents and Islamic State

Syrian rebels and U.S. officials charge that the Assad government and Islamic State militants are coordinating attacks against the rebels.

Niger meningitis epidemic has peaked with 545 dead, WHO says

The WHO had said that the epidemic was worrying and unprecedented because it was a strain not normally found in Africa.



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State police, guards say no to overhaul of pension

A thousand Pennsylvania state troopers are eligible to retire, and don’t want to see any changes to their pensions.

House votes unanimously against state budget plan

But House Minority Leader Frank Dermody said the language the House rejected did not accurately reflect Gov. Tom Wolf’s proposals.



Local Dispatch: The end of school days leaves a parent in a daze

Last child’s graduation from high school brings both sadness and potential.

Sharon Randall: Revisiting hometown is really rather personal

Remembering home is nice, and it’s even better being there.


Early Returns

Breakfast Sausage: 5 stories to read today

Gov. Tom Wolf is flanked by Pittsburgh Public Schools Superintendent Linda Lane (right) and Assistant Superintendent Dara Ware

Perry on Politics: Flaws abound in 2016 presidential field

It seems that another Republican joins the race to win his or her party's presidential nomination almost every day. It was