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Robinson needs real transparency

Once again, our Robinson commissioners failed to act in a transparent manner to the township's detriment. ("Montour teacher named township commissioner," Feb. 9)

After commissioner Stephanie Triko resigned, the process used to fill her vacant seat was conducted in secrecy with no regard to a true democratic process.

There were no public notices of the open seat soliciting applications or interviews with candidates to ascertain the most qualified person.

Instead, a political appointment was made -- as was expected.

Why would you want someone with an MBA and/or CPA and decades of business experience to help guide the township through the tough financial situations that are arising when, instead, you can choose the president of the Montour teachers union?

Commissioner Jesse Forquer said during the commissioners' comments that he wanted to appoint someone he felt "comfortable" working with and who would be able to work with the commissioners.

After those comments, he went on to refer to Ms. Triko as being nothing more than a "TV personality."

He seems to have forgotten that the commissioners are chosen by the citizens to represent them and that Ms. Triko received the most votes in both of the elections in which she participated.

It seems that all of this is just another example of the frustrations that Ms. Triko was feeling toward this board and the way in which they conduct business.

As chairwoman of the Robinson Township Republican Committee, I am disappointed and genuinely angry at Mr. Forquer for his hypocritical stances taken since his election.

Mr. Forquer ran as a Republican often. He attached his signs and literature to ours and insisted to the community that he was the true agent of change.

He has done nothing but simply align himself with the old Democratic machine and has helped support their self-serving agendas.

We look forward to continuing our quest toward transparency in government, and the first step needs to be Mr. Forquer changing his party affiliation of Republican back to Democrat.

He passionately embraced the Democratic Party for most of his life.

He should end his charade that was meant only to manipulate and fool the good people of Robinson.


Chairwoman, Robinson Township Republican Committee

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