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Bridge seen as beautiful

All Montour Trail users will be heartened, gratified and excited to read about the two new bridges proposed for the Montour Trail in Peters Township. ("Two Bridge Projects In Works For Trail," Nov. 15, South.) As a biker, I know that these projects will make safe a very dangerous portion of the trail.

It is unfortunate that our J.R. Taylor Bridge on the Bethel Park portion of the trail has been characterized as "unattractive." Such a judgment is not unusual toward new structures -- houses, building, sculptures -- following their erection on unoccupied spaces. Often it takes several years for them to be accepted as part of the landscape. The Guggenheim Museum in New York comes to mind. Speaking of New York, hardly any article about Brooklyn appears without the image of the Brooklyn Bridge.

Within a few years, the Taylor Bridge will become the signature image of Bethel Park. Having been raised in Bethel Park and working as a Montour Trail volunteer raising funds for the bridge and preparing the approaches for its construction, I find that it is one of the most attractive structures in our community.


Bethel Park

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