Chartiers Valley residents seek board president's resignation

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The fallout from two Jan. 22 senior skip day parties in Collier continued Tuesday night in Chartiers Valley when residents presented a petition demanding that Patti Figorski resign as board president.

The two parties resulted in criminal charges being filed by township police against 30 students and the suspensions of seven drill team members from two performances.

According to the petition that bears the names of 160 district residents, Mrs. Figorski several days after the parties ignored school district security policy by entering the high school building without reporting to the main office and then inappropriately confronting and threatening the drill team sponsor. The Chartiers Valley Federation of Teachers has filed a grievance in the matter.

Collier resident Rick Laus, who presented copies of the petition to each of the board members as well as the district solicitor, called Mrs. Figorski's alleged behavior "unprofessional and an embarrassment to the school district."

In presenting copies of the petition to all directors and the solicitor, he said to Mrs. Figorski, "This is a calling card that you do the right thing and resign."

Mrs. Figorski did not respond to the petition, but at the start of the meeting brought up the matter of allegations against her.

"I can assure you that there has been no violation of school district policy on my part." She added that the matter is being investigated by the solicitor and that discussion of "this hearsay originating from folks who didn't even witness this alleged event is counter-productive and disruptive."

The petition also cites the lack of a teachers' contract, the loss of an assistant superintendent and the impending departure of the superintendent as other reasons that Mrs.Figorski should resign.

Carole Gilbert Brown, freelance writer: .


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