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Candidate's message

Thanks to all; I'll be back. I want to thank the many people who helped and supported my [write-in] campaign to become the Democratic nominee for state Senate in 39th district.

The campaign allowed me the chance to meet and make new friends, and for that I am grateful. We may have come up short, but I think we went further than most expected.

I am disappointed in the people of Westmoreland County. We, in the United States, have the right to choose our leaders, the right to vote. When only 19 percent of registered voters utilize that right, I believe it's a slap in the face to the men and women who died to protect our rights and freedoms.

I am also disappointed that there was [no opportunity] to discuss and debate issues.

Ms. Ward [Sen. Kim Ward, R-39th], you won the battle, but not the war: I am officially announcing my candidacy for the 39th state Senate seat in 2016. I will have petitions signed so that I will be on the ballot in the primary. This will allow Ms. Ward and I to have a discussion of issues and philosophies and allow the people to make a choice.



The writer conducted an unsuccessful write-in campaign for the Democratic nomination for the 39th state Senate seat. Ms. Ward won the Republican nod as well as the Democratic write-in.

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