Teenager charged as adult in attack

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Allan Littlejohn Jr. knew his friend Kenneth Murphy blamed him for his breakup. But it wasn't until Kenneth started punching him and kicking him that he thought his friend would harm him, Allan testified Friday.

Kenneth, 15, of Allentown has been charged as an adult with attempted homicide, aggravated assault and robbery in connection with a July attack on his longtime friend, who has a form of muscular dystrophy, on Mount Washington.

District Judge Oscar Petite ordered Kenneth to stand trial after a preliminary hearing in Pittsburgh Municipal Court.

Allan, who wore dark pants and a blue-and-white checkered shirt, testified that he and Kenneth argued July 30 because Kenneth mistakenly thought Allan had been seeing his girlfriend, with whom he had just broken up.

Nevertheless, the two agreed to meet that night and go to the CoGo's on Bailey Avenue. As they passed into Grandview Park, Kenneth asked Allan, "What's your last words?" Allan testified, later adding that at first he thought the question was a joke.

But shortly afterward, Allan testified that Kenneth, a wrestler, choked him and the two fell to the ground.

"He knew that my ground defense really isn't that good," Allan said.

He testified that Kenneth stabbed him three to five times, then kicked him about 10 times, at which point he lost consciousness.

"I woke up the next day and it was raining. I was in the woods and so I just started climbing frontwards," Allan said.

A while later, two people spotted him climbing out of the woods and called for help. Allan was taken to Children's Hospital of Pittsburgh of UPMC, where he remained for several more days.

Adelaide Eichman, the doctor who began treating Allan the day after he entered the hospital, testified that Allan had a small brain bleed, hemorrhages in his eyes, many bug bites, a laceration on his head and cuts on his neck, among other injuries. She said the cuts on his neck were likely caused by an implement such as a knife or a cord.

"Could he have died?" Assistant District Attorney Melissa Byrnes asked.

"I think he could have," Dr. Eichman said.

Blaine Jones, the defense attorney representing Kenneth, attempted at multiple points during the testimony to enter doubt as to whether Kenneth might have committed certain parts of the crime.

He asked, for example, if Allan ever saw Kenneth with a weapon and Allan said no. Allan also said he was facing the ground during parts of the attack.

Mr. Jones attempted unsuccessfully to convince Judge Petite to dismiss the robbery charges, pointing out that Allan did not see anyone take his cell phone or wristwatch, which were missing when he woke up. Mr. Jones said after the hearing that police searched his client's home for the missing items and did not find them.

Of the fight, Mr. Jones said Kenneth "is contrite."

"It was a fight," Mr. Jones said. "Did it go too far? Possibly."


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