Complaints spur change in Brookline bus route

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The Port Authority plans to shift and increase rush-hour service on the 41D Brookline route starting Monday in response to a flurry of complaints from commuters, the transit agency said.

Returning from the holiday weekend to a major transit overhaul, Brookline commuters were stymied Tuesday morning when they realized changes to another route that used to travel Downtown had created a bottleneck of people trying to get to work.

Many called or e-mailed the Port Authority to complain that they were passed up by at-capacity buses, said Port Authority spokesman Jim Ritchie.

"The bus was filling up quickly and coming through full," Mr. Ritchie said. "There were stops where none of the people waiting were able to get on, especially at the peak of rush hour, around 7:30 or so."

Prior to Sept. 5, the 41D and the 41G Dormont converged in Brookline, traveling Pioneer Avenue and the South Busway to reach Downtown.

As part of a 75-route overhaul Sept. 5, the Port Authority significantly changed the 41G route and renamed it "35 Sunset Hills." The new route does not travel Downtown; it connects Whitehall, Baldwin and Mt. Lebanon to the Dormont T stop.

The Port Authority sent route supervisors out Tuesday and Wednesday to observe transit patterns between Downtown and Brookline. They soon decided to adjust the 41D schedule and send more buses along the route during the morning and afternoon rush hours, Mr. Ritchie said.

"There's a handful of other routes that we're hearing similar things with, and we're also monitoring those and checking those, we just haven't resolved those issues yet," Mr. Ritchie said. He declined to name the other routes.

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