Man 'calmly' shot to death by masked gunman

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A 19-year-old man, already bleeding from at least one gunshot, was gunned down in the middle of an Observatory Hill street yesterday evening when a masked gunman calmly fired two more bullets into the victim at close range.

Moustafa Ayad, Post-GazettePolice investigate a deadly shooting yesterday evening at Perrysville Avenue and Vinceton Street in Observatory Hill.

City police said the victim, who was not immediately identified, was with two other men around 6:20 p.m. when occupants of an aquamarine car opened fire on the men while they were walking up Portman Street.

When the men ran up Portman in an attempt to get away from the vehicle, the victim split up from the other two men and ran into a convenience store at the corner of Perrysville Avenue and Vinceton Street .

A masked man got out of the car and ran into the store after the victim, witnesses said.

Pittsburgh police Lt. Kevin Kraus said at least one shot was fired inside the store before the victim fled and collapsed in the middle of Perrysville Avenue.

The gunman followed the victim out of the store and "calmly" walked over to the injured man and shot him at point-blank range several more times, Lt. Kraus said.

Lt. Kraus said the victim appeared to have been targeted because no one else was injured or wounded in or around the store.

"They chased him at great lengths to shoot him," Lt. Kraus said.

The car that police suspect was used in the shooting was located later in the night in Northview Heights. Police were also trying to determine if the victim was set-up by the two other men who accompanied him.

The victim did not appear to be carrying a weapon, Lt. Kraus said.

Witnesses said the gunman was composed as he walked up to the man and shot him several more times.

"The man walked up to him and shot him while he was still looking right at him," said Anna Fontanez, who witnessed the shooting from her front porch.

She said it was the second shooting she has witnessed this week. Ms. Fontanez said the victim was shot at least three times in the back before the gunman fired two more shots at him as he stood over his body.

Peter Hendricks said the shooter cocked his weapon inside of the store and fired, causing a number of children to scatter from the vicinity of the convenience store.

"He shot the man in the stomach and chest at point-blank range," Mr. Hendricks said.

Moustafa Ayad can be reached at or 412-263-1731.


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