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Obituary: Minerva Maiers / A career woman who was ahead of her time

Minerva Maiers, skilled secretary and tireless volunteer for Catholic causes in Bellevue dies at 98.

about 20 hours ago

 Nicholas Winton during World War II with a one of the rescued children he spirited out of Nazi-occupied Czechoslovakia to foster families in Great Britain and Sweden.

Obituary: Sir Nicholas Winton / Rescued Czech children during the Holocaust

By the time of his death on July 1 at 106, Mr. Winton was internationally celebrated as a hero of the Holocaust.

1 day ago

Obituary: Elizabeth McIntosh / Spy whose lies helped win a war, dies at 100

Ms. McIntosh’s fluency in Japanese and background as a newspaper reporter made her ideal for spreading authentic-sounding misinformation.

1 day ago

 A young Doug Opperman with a marble tournament trophy.

Obituary: Douglas A. Opperman / City, national marbles champion as a boy, he later built a bridge and ran a business

Mr. Opperman, formerly of the North Side and most recently of Avalon, won the national tournament at the 1940 New York World’s Fair.

2 days ago

Obituary: David Kremen / Westinghouse international attorney enjoyed travel, foreign cultures

David Kremen’s love of foreign lands fit nicely with his work as an international attorney for Westinghouse.

3 days ago

 Jack Carter, 1960

Obituary: Jack Carter / Brash comic from TV ’s early days

Quick with a quip, Mr. Carter was a significant figure in television during the medium’s earliest days.

3 days ago

Obituary: Joan K. Glickstein / She was a pioneer in studying, raising awareness of Alzheimer’s

Joan K. Glickstein April 23, 1934 -- June 24, 2015

4 days ago

 This photo of Henry Phipps Hoffstot Jr. was taken recently at the Pittsburgh Golf Club at a party marking the 70th wedding anniversary of Elsie and Henry Hillman.

Obituary: Henry Phipps Hoffstot Jr. / A lawyer and gentleman from the old school

Mr. Hoffstot died Monday at his Shadyside home, a 21-room mansion built in 1914 for industrialist Andrew Moreland.

5 days ago

Obituary: Jon Philip ‘Phil’ Andrews / Accomplished architect had interest in high design and art, autos, boats

The prominent Pittsburgh architect loved his craft because it combined his fascination with art and engineering, said Lana Andrews, his

5 days ago

Obituary: Richard Wolk / Innovative pioneer in advertising

Richard Wolk specialized in selling advertising packages for local television stations before starting his own media-buying firm, RJW Media.

6 days ago

Obituary: Michael Krak / Selfless pediatrician who served his community

The native Pittsburgher, who practiced served his community for over 40 years, helped the polio vaccine trials organized by Jonas Salk.

1 week ago

Obituary: The Rev. Albert W. Bowe Sr. / Pastor who was full of joy

The Rev. Albert Bowe, Sr. loved to sing and serve his church.

1 week ago

Obituary: Anthony "Peppy" Giovane / Legacy of coach, athlete lives on

Anthony "Peppy" Giovane was a physical education teacher and coach for various sports.

1 week ago

 Donald Wukich

Obituary: Donald Wukich / Schools official bridged divides

Donald Wukich, was instrumental in bridging economic and racial divides after the Woodland Hills School District was formed in 1981.

1 week ago

Obituary: John P. Hoerr / Writer chronicled decline of steel industry

Mr. Hoerr died Sunday of septic shock in Middleboro, Mass., where he and his wife lived since 2009.

1 week ago

 Clyde Weaver

Obituary: Clyde E. Weaver / Pitt professor specialized in planning and development

University of Pittsburgh professor Clyde Weaver was in the forefront of the planning and development field.

1 week ago

Obituary: Danny Villanueva / Played pro football, founded Univision

He was known as a gregarious, friendly executive. Unless his principles were crossed.

1 week ago

Obituary: Mark Conlon / Focused his life on fighting disease, raising awareness

He was diagnosed in 2008 with Huntington’s. But friends and family say it never took away his spirit.

2 weeks ago

 Ralph Roberts

Obituary: Ralph Roberts / Founder of cable giant Comcast

He built Comcast from a small cable TV system in Mississippi into an entertainment and communications behemoth.

2 weeks ago

Obituary: Jack Rollins / Legendary talent manager who had long comedy client list

Along the way, he helped create the role of the modern show business manager.

2 weeks ago

Comcast founder Ralph Roberts dies at 95 in Philadelphia

Comcast is the nation's largest video, high-speed Internet, and phone provider to homes.

2 weeks ago

 Lucy Spruill

Obituary: Lucy Spruill / She never stopped fighting for people with disabilities

Ms. Spruill, a decades-long force in fighting for people with disabilities, died Tuesday of a combination of health issues. She was 70.

2 weeks ago

Obituary: William F. Walsh Jr. / Parks department supervisor took immense pride in city’s green spaces

Mr. Walsh, who lived in Elliott, died of congestive heart failure Monday at Marian Manor in Green Tree. He was 88.

2 weeks ago

 Charles A. Peters

Obituary: Charles A. 'Chuck' Peters / Staunch advocate who fought for the intellectually disabled

Charles A. “Chuck” Peters worked to release the intellectually disabled from institutions and educate them in public schools.

3 weeks ago

 Peter Iole.

Obituary: Peter Iole / Teacher, traveler, actor, lifelong optimist

Peter Iole, 86, taught at Pine-Richland for decades and was deeply involved in the civic life of Mars in Butler County.

3 weeks ago

Obituary: Tanya J. Hagen / Doctor who fought for gender equality

A sports physician, Dr. Hagen worked with athletes of all genders and dedicated herself to fighting for equity in sports and medicine.

3 weeks ago

Obituary: George J. Miller / Attorney served family, clients in life

Mr. Miller, 90, of Fox Chapel, died Tuesday at the Veteran’s Hospital in Aspinwall.

3 weeks ago

Obituary: Dusty Rhodes / Professional wrestling champion

Dusty Rhodes, who was born Virgil Runnels and  also went by the nickname “The American Dream,” was a member of the WWE Hall of Fame.

3 weeks ago

 Douglas D. Danforth, along with business partner Carl Barger, helped to form the public-private ownership group that kept the Pirates in Pittsburgh when the Galbreath family of Columbus, Ohio, put the team up for sale in 1985, following a series of down years a team-wide drug scandal.

Obituary: Douglas D. Danforth / CEO behind rise of Westinghouse, Pirates

The one-time Pirates CEO told would-be buyers in the early 1990s that the team would not be leaving the city.

3 weeks ago

Obituary: John Williams / A legacy of art and literature

Spanish medieval art historian John Williams dies at 87.

3 weeks ago

 Francis 'Sonny' Janoski

Obituary: Francis 'Sonny' Janoski / Self-made farmer tripled his land, ‘just loved doing what he did’

Founder of Janoski's Farm and Greenhouse loved his family and farm

3 weeks ago

 Antoinette Cardamone

Obituary: Antoinette Cardamone / The face of Cafe Allegro, yoga teacher later in life

The ‘face’ of popular Cafe Allegro on South Side dies.

4 weeks ago

 Charles B. Jarrett Jr.*

Obituary: Charles B. Jarrett Jr. / Dedicated to law, family and faith

Charles Jarrett, an accomplished corporate lawyer, died Wednesday at 87.

4 weeks ago

 Dawn Marie Gideon

Obituary: Dawn Marie Gideon / Health care executive with human touch

Dawn Marie Gideon was a top executive with the West Penn Allegheny Health System and its predecessors.

4 weeks ago