Munch goes to Sunday brunch at Dozen

Few things sadden Munch more than when an eatery closes its doors.

So when Dozen shuttered in July, Munch was distraught. There were days when Munch wanted soup and a cupcake, and Dozen was there for Munch on those days.

Summer came to a close, and Munch was lamenting the loss of yet another place for soup, because Munch is always freezing from October through April, and the best cures are sweaters, soups and cupcakes.

Then, a notice popped up on Facebook: Dozen's Lawrenceville location would reopen Sept. 12. (The Oakland location, which is closed on Sundays and doesn't do brunch, reopened Sept. 2.)

Munch and Dear One of Munch rejoiced and called upon another couple to bring their daughter, Most Adorable Curly Haired Baby Munch Has Ever Seen, out for Sunday brunch to test the reopened Dozen, under new ownership.

Little had changed. There were still simple tables and quirky blue walls, and the counter was still lined with various pastries and cupcakes. Chatter on Dozen's Facebook page indicated that the new owners are tinkering with the cupcake recipes, aiming for a moister cake, a change Munch definitely supports.

While the cupcakes were appealing, Munch had a bit too much to drink Saturday night, and even Munch admits one cannot live on cake and booze alone. Munch ordered the Vegan Hash, a mix of potatoes, sweet potatoes, carrots and onions topped in a red pepper sauce ($6.95).

DOOM and Mother of MACHBMHES went for the Brioche French Toast Casserole ($8.95).

Father of MACHBMHES opted for the Eggs Benedict, a puff pastry with Gouda and ham topped with a poached egg and covered in Gouda cheese sauce ($7.95).

While we waited for our food, we enjoyed our coffee, which was promptly refilled, and fawned over MACHBMHES, who was being especially darling on this rainy Sunday.

Then the waitress deposited our entrees, setting two logs of French toast casserole in front of DOOM and Mother of MACHBMHES.

Mother of MACHBMHES approved of the casserole, but DOOM picked up more than half of the log with his fork and held it up for inspection, quickly declaring it "vulgar" -- too big, too dense and too sweet.

"I just think it's funny that I can hold up a pound of sugar and butter on a fork without any part of it breaking or stretching," DOOM said.

Munch tried the casserole and agreed that eating the whole thing would be an overwhelming task, but a few bites were good with coffee.

Munch's vegan hash was just what the doctor ordered -- healthy, hearty and spicy. The red pepper sauce blended in with the veggies perfectly, although the dressing on a small salad of mixed greens clashed with the flavor in the hash.

Father of MACHBMHES polished off his breakfast in no time. DOOM commented that there was way too much Gouda cheese sauce on the plate, but noted that's how Benedicts are usually served, and Father of MACHBMHES had no complaints.

Satiated, Munch and DOOM parted from our friends and their lovely daughter. But before leaving, we ordered bowl of pumpkin-coconut soup ($5), which Munch found to be especially delicious for lunch the following day at Frigid Workplace of Munch.

With cold, rainy days on the horizon, Munch is glad there will once again be a place to stop for soup and a cupcake.


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