Family Film Guide

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The Post-Gazette reviews movies from a family perspective:

'The Lone Ranger'

Rated: PG-13.

Suitable for: Tweens and above.

What you should know: The movie runs 149 minutes long and tells the story of Tonto and the masked man. It stars Johnny Depp, in elaborate makeup, and Armie Hammer, who played the prince in "Mirror, Mirror," the Winklevoss twins in "The Social Network" and Clyde Tolson in "J. Edgar."

Language: Perhaps a dozen uses of stronger versions of heck or darn.

Sexual situations and nudity: A kiss, some leering and a one-legged madam and saloon/brothel operator.

Violence/scary situations: Many, including gunshots that wound or kill, chases atop speeding trains, prisoner escapes, a row of corpses being buried and scenes with other bodies, a nearly fatal fire, a massive explosion, train derailments, wild horseback riding, bank robbery, kidnapping, a child who is slapped and whose life is in peril, and a bloodthirsty (literally) outlaw who cuts out a man's heart.

Drug and alcohol use: Adults with champagne, whiskey and other alcoholic drinks.

'Despicable Me 2'

Rated: PG.

Suitable for: Children who can sit attentively through a 98-minute movie. It may help for them to have seen the first movie.

What you should know: This is a sequel to the animated 2010 hit with the voice of Steve Carell as the villainous Gru. He's now a doting dad to three girls he adopted but is drawn back into the spy game when a transmutation serum goes missing. His daughters want him to go online and find a mate, and a neighbor introduces him to a woman who's a mismatch, but he realizes he might be falling for his erstwhile partner, a woman (voice of Kristen Wiig) from the Anti-Villain League. It's available in 2-D and the pricier 3-D, which requires wearing the glasses throughout.

Language: None.

Sexual situations and nudity: Teenage flirtation and a brief adult kiss.

Violence/scary situations: A fair amount although it's in the service of the story and laughs. A transmutation serum falls into the wrong hands, Gru is hit with a Taser and trundled into a car trunk, the minions are kidnapped, tranquilizer darts are employed, and a super villain reappears. None of it is very scary.

Drug and alcohol use: Nothing notable.



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