Logan Lerman enjoyed perks of Pittsburgh during filming

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TORONTO -- Even Mae Whitman and her co-stars didn't know everything Logan Lerman was going through on the set of "The Perks of Being a Wallflower."

"Mae was actually just telling me, it's so weird seeing this movie right now because you'd come home and we'd all hang out -- 'cause they would come to my room all the time -- and you're like, 'Oh yeah, I had a long day,' but we had no idea you were doing this. ... I guess I'm a little quiet about it," Logan Lerman acknowledged.

In that regard, he's just like Charlie, his character in "Perks," opening today at AMC-Loews at the Waterfront and Manor in Squirrel Hill.

"Home" was the Crowne Plaza hotel in Bethel Park, one of the last places pesky paparazzi might have thought to look for Mr. Lerman, Ms. Whitman, Emma Watson, Ezra Miller or other notables. In fact, Mr. Lerman slipped across the street to the movie theater to see such features as "The Green Lantern" and "Super 8."

At the time of the Toronto International Film Festival, where the movie had its world premiere, Mr. Lerman had not seen "Perks," but he weighed in on related subjects in a brief interview:

Novelist-screenwriter-director Stephen Chbosky: "He's a sweet, kind person."

Filming a pivotal scene inside the Fort Pitt Tunnel: "It was incredible, it was really cool. I mean, the freedom that we had to go in there and do it, and there was nobody else and they shut it down at that time of night. The first time you did it, it was a rush, it really was," bringing a flood of different emotions. "It was very powerful."

Staying in the suburbs: "Well, I liked the isolation. It helped me through the role, but then, on the weekends and some days off, I'd be able to travel into the city but rarely. I did only a few times."

Researching the role: "I did a lot of different things, but I'd say the key element to it all was isolation. Alone to my thoughts, alone with the script, just reading it over and over again, saying the words aloud, figuring out what's going on in his mind and creating a clear arc for him. For his journey."

Sharing the spotlight: "It's nice. Everybody has a great part. Stephen did a fantastic job of creating an amazing story but creating very complicated characters. I'm proud of everybody in the film and what they did."

Translating a beloved book: "Because of the fact that it's so loved and has such a big fan base, it's surprising that I didn't actually have it on much of a pedestal for that reason. I was more focused on the challenges of the character's arc."

Pittsburgh memories: "It was a beautiful place, and I had a really great time, great food and people. ... I went to a Pirates game, that was a lot of fun. And it was just the most beautiful baseball stadium I'd ever been to, the way that it's angled to the Downtown, it's gorgeous."


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