Random Act of Kindness: When car got sandwiched, others came along to help

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I arrived at Pitt for my graduate class at 8 a.m. last Friday and parked on Schenley Drive outside of Posvar Hall. I put my money into the meter and went to the Law Building.

I came back to my car afterward in anticipation of driving to my office a little early. Lo and behold my car was sandwiched between two others with only 8 inches of space between my car and the car behind it, and 5 inches from the car in front of me; I measured. I also took pictures.

An hour passed while I waited for one of these car owners to show their face to move their vehicle so I could get out. Nope.

A lady in a passing car mouthed "Oh my" when she saw my sandwiched car. Another hour passed and the same lady and her male friend came by again and stopped to assist.

We studied the dimensions. They said they were from Chicago, and that they knew how to help as they, too, had experienced my dilemma. So with great hope the man wrapped my jacket around my rear bumper and I moved quite slowly in reverse, following his hand signals to go or stop. And the nice lady directed me forward.

After about seven times forward and back I was able to escape the sandwich of the cars! Thank you, you nice Chicago people. I am sure glad you were in Pittsburgh!


Penn Hills

Everyone pitched in to aid fan who suffered a seizure

Two Fridays ago, my husband Ryan and I had great seats for the Bucs-Cardinals game at PNC Park: section 114, row D.

After we cheered two runs scored by the Pirates in the first inning, the night seemed like it was going to be a success. At some point, however, I looked over to discover that my husband was having a seizure. Chaos ensued, but the men and women around us threw down their nachos, went into action and pitched in to help my husband.

After the EMTs stabilized Ryan through a makeshift IV, some people came up and asked for Ryan's name so that they could pray for him. A man from the Pirates' staff stayed with me, offering me water, solace and the use of his cell phone.

And as several men carried my husband all the way up to the main floor of the park, people applauded them. It was humbling, to say the least.

Thank you to all of those people who reminded me what it means to be selfless and human. I wish I could give all of you a hug and a personalized thank-you. I can only hope that this note finds some of you from section 114 -- and that you know I am forever grateful.

Ryan had never had a seizure before, and after a battery of tests done by the great staff at Allegheny General Hospital's emergency room, he was discharged that night from the hospital. It appears to have been a freak occurrence caused by the heat, a medication change and dehydration.

So, a big thank-you to the Pirates staff, the security staff, the EMTs, the doctors and the great people who either helped out or patiently sat while our "little" crisis moved out of the way.


New Castle

It didn't take long for her to track down lost phone

I must offer my sincere apology for being almost a month late in saying my "thank you" to the kind person who found and returned my lost cell phone.

I was shopping in the North Hills, visiting a couple of stores, and I never even missed the phone until I got home and decided to call someone in the evening. Lo and behold, no phone in my purse. I only then realized I had lost it. So much for that, I thought -- now I had to go through the trouble of getting another one.

But first I thought that if I called the stores I had shopped in that maybe someone had found and returned it. Only in Pittsburgh -- there it was in the Target store. I have no clue as to the person who turned it in, but I did give a donation and a prayer to St. Anthony's Bread in that person's honor. No wonder I love Pittsburgh so much.


Spring Hill


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