Random Act of Kindness: Big community of helpers searched for her lost rings

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This heartfelt thank you goes out to all the strangers who tried to help me find my wedding rings after I lost them coming out of the shops on Beverly Road in Mt. Lebanon on Aug. 13.

The rings fell off when my hands were full of takeout food while crossing traffic to get to my parked car. Amazingly, the son of the owner of the Green Garden found the bands, which were mangled together with no evidence that they used to be part of my rings after being run over by a car.

I was upset and heartbroken over this, but as I was crawling around hysterically, I looked around and was also struck by how many people were searching in the street and on the sidewalk on my behalf.

My friend, Stella, from Sushi III, and others from the nearby businesses were helping, in addition to their customers. Many people came to hug and comfort me. Some who live close by even took my phone number because they were going to keep looking.

It felt like I was there for hours, and my heart is still numb. However, words cannot express enough how much it meant to me that the whole area of people stopped what they were doing and showed how much they cared.

It was a day I'd soon like to forget, as I lost my silver and diamond rings, but I'll cling to the memories of how compassionate everyone was to me that day. Their interest in performing this random act of kindness brought everyone to their knees, and I will keep that in my heart always!


Mt. Lebanon

Convertible's motorist stopped to provide surprising assistance

On a Saturday around 5:30 p.m., my friends and I were walking in Shadyside with our walkers while our other two friends were walking ahead.

We were walking on Walnut Street to have dinner at the Elbow Room. I hesitated as I looked down at a high curb, and my friend asked if I would be able to step up. From out of nowhere, this red convertible stopped, and a man inside it came to my side and asked if he could help me up the curb.

I hesitated, then nodded, as he helped me. I thanked him as he went back into his car and drove away.

As we continued our walk to the restaurant, another man sitting on a nearby bench came to us and said, "That man who just helped you handed me this bill and told me to give this to you, and to tell you to have a nice dinner."

It was a $50 bill! We were speechless. We hope the young handsome man in the red Acura convertible will see this in the paper and will know that we thank him so much for his act of kindness -- and for the delicious dinner we all had.


Squirrel Hill

Neighbors at accident scene came out to ease her stress

I was going down South 18th Street on the South Side on the morning of July 4 to assist at Mass at St. Paul of the Cross Monastery.

As I started to make a left-hand turn, I was hit by a vehicle that lost its brakes. While I was waiting for the police to come, a very kind neighbor came to my assistance. She brought chairs and water and also wrote down all the information I needed from the other driver.

A very nice gentleman gave me his name and telephone number and also took a picture of the damage to my car.

As an older person, I really appreciate their concern. Although I was late, I did get to the Mass, and I said a prayer for the caring people who came to help me.


Mount Oliver


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