Random Act of Kindness: When dog got loose in the street, someone took care to protect him

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When dog got loose in the street, someone took care to protect him

After several minutes enjoying good conversation, pizza and wine with friends on my back deck, I noticed the gate was a bit ajar. My 1-year-old hound, Chester, had quietly escaped!

Off I ran with leash in hand as my heart pounded. We live near Beechwood Boulevard, and he has no sense!

As I approached the busy street, a young woman was coming up the hill on Monitor Street. She saw my leash and worried face and shouted, "We found a brown dog with white markings! Is he yours?"

I was so relieved. She had found Chester in the middle of the busy street and taken him to her home a couple of blocks away, where her husband kept him while she returned to look for his owner.

Thank you so much, Megan, for your extra effort and kindness -- you are a special person. Chester thank you, too.


Squirrel Hill

Two men stopped to help elderly woman who fell

I look forward to the Post-Gazette's Thursday Random Acts of Kindness article each week, and on a recent Saturday morning I was the recipient of one.

While walking on Castle Shannon Boulevard in Mt. Lebanon, I tripped on a curb and came down very hard onto my knees, hands and face.

A car stopped immediately, and two men asked if I needed help. At 85 years old there was no way I could get up by myself.

They asked if they could help take me to where I was going. A little stunned, I knew I could never finish the half-mile walk to my home, so they drove me. I thank the Lord I did not break anything, and for the two gentlemen who stopped to help me.


Mt. Lebanon

She was surprised in restaurant by another patron who paid bill

When I read this column, I see more and more of these types of Random Acts of Kindness stories. It's great that this seems to be a trend that is building.

My husband and I recently enjoyed beer and dinner at Bado's in Mt. Lebanon. As usual, we sat at the bar enjoying the opportunity to banter with the bartender and the people sitting near us.

I thoroughly enjoyed talking with a gentleman sitting next to me, Brian from Upper St. Clair. We talked about a lot of different subjects in the brief time we spent together. When we asked the bartender for our tab, he said there was no tab. What's up with that?

Seems Brian had paid our bill! I know Brian reads the Post-Gazette (one of the many topics we spoke about) so hopefully, he reads this column. Brian from Upper St. Clair, you made our day! Thank you so much. We will definitely pay it forward.



Cash left behind in money slot made its way back to its owner

I was looking forward to going away with my husband for the weekend. Needing groceries, I went to the Giant Eagle at the Kennywood Mall.

While going through the self-serve line, I paid by debit card and decided to also receive $50 for our trip. After bagging my groceries, I went to work.

Later that morning, I realized I had left the money in the self-serve slot. In a panic, I went back to the checkout line to see if the money was still there. Of course it wasn't.

As a last resort, I went to the service desk. To my shock, a kind gentleman had turned it in there. I was elated!

After returning to work, I phoned the number that had been written on the envelope he handed in. His voice mail came on, and I blurted out my heartfelt thank you to this wonderful man. So if you know Tom D. from Duquesne, tell him that he is awesome! God will truly bless you, my guardian angel.


West Mifflin


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