Random Act of Kindness: She gave her own jacket to help a shivering man

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Recently my husband and I went to our grandson Sam's graduation ceremony at Penn-Trafford High School.

It was so cold that day you would have thought it was winter. While we sat there freezing, my husband started to shake. (He had only a thin jacket on.)

The girl in back of us saw him shaking, took off her jacket and placed it on his shoulders. He tried to make her take it back, but being a godsend, she refused. Even when it slipped off, she helped him put the jacket back on.

This proves that there are a great number of good people in this world, and we certainly met one on May 24, 2013. I'm sorry we didn't get your name, but God bless you.



A boy feels richer for gift of worms for composting

I've been waiting a long time to get worms for composting.

The Pennsylvania Resources Council class I signed up for got canceled, so at the last minute I got into another class.

I knew because I registered so late that there might not be worms for me when I took the class, but I'd get them later. The class was great! I learned how to compost worms and take care of them and exactly what to feed them.

I was a little sad that I wouldn't be taking worms home that day, but I knew they'd come soon. Then came a surprise. A grown-up couple in the class said they didn't need their bin and worms right away, so they gave theirs to me. I got worms right away!

It was so nice of them to be more patient than I was. I want them to know I'm taking good care of the worms and feeding them just enough food. Soon the worms will make dirt and lay eggs. I'm so excited. I hope the couple will enjoy their worms as much as I do.



A stranger's generous surprise can last in memory a long time

Many years ago I lived in an apartment outside the city. Most of the tenants were young professionals that I only knew to say "Hi" to.

To my surprise one day, a young woman knocked on my door and said, "I am moving to Florida. I won't need these." She handed me three gorgeous winter coats!

That was a long time ago, and I still think of her kindness.


South Side

Never think you won't be next to see some random kindness

On Mother's Day, my mom and I visited Eat'n Park in Whitehall. We do this every Sunday.

As we were seated, we heard a lady talking to her mother and her mother-in-law. One was using a walker, the other walked slow and a little unsteady. The daughter carried all the purses and jackets.

We joked with them about how busy Eat'n Park was on this particular day because it was Mother's Day. And we also joked about how no one had ever done the Random Act of Kindness for either of our groups.

We said our goodbyes and "Nice to talk to you" and "Have a nice day," and they left. Later we were told the daughter had picked up the cost of our bills. What a great Mother's Day surprise. We will certainly pay it forward.

Thank you so much for showing us random acts can happen to anyone.


New Stanton


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