Random Act of Kindness: Strangers helped them see Pens in a way they hadn't envisioned

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On May 3, my husband and I decided to finally watch a Penguins game on "Mario's TV" outside the Consol Energy Center, so we could immerse ourselves in the playoff atmosphere.

It was a beautiful, warm night, so we packed a cooler and headed to the city. We both have been huge Pens fans since the late 1980s and rarely miss watching a game, though we are unable to attend many games.

As we were waiting in line to enter the fenced-off area where the screen is located, a woman approached me and asked if we had tickets to the game. I replied, "No, I wish!" and smiled.

She asked if we were interested in tickets. I told her we weren't looking to buy tickets, that we just wanted to experience the game with the fans. She then asked me if we would like their two spare tickets "free." I thought I was going to fall over! I was speechless!

The man she was with told us he didn't want scalpers to get them, and we looked like good people who would appreciate them. The next few minutes were a blur, as we both felt we were in a dream. I remember asking if we could give them anything in return. They said they just wanted us to enjoy the game. I then asked if we could hug them. And being good Pittsburghers, they obliged!

Luckily, I have my "ticket angel's" name, which was printed on our receipt. I want Tom to know how touched we were, and still are, with such a selfless, kind act. We have had a rough couple of years, like a lot of folks, and this really helped renew our spirit.

Western Pennsylvania truly is a special place, and I am proud to call it home. And by the way, I think we were the only ones leaving the game smiling ear to ear! Even though we lost that night, it was an incredible time, made special by two very kind people.


Ellwood City

A mother and daughter stopped for injured bicyclist on the road

I was bicycling down Brinton Road into Edgewood just before 7 a.m. on April 5 and hit a terrible pothole/bump combination from where a utility company had dug up the road and failed to resurface it properly.

I went flying off my bike and landed on the side of the road, pretty much unconscious. Although a number of people must have seen the accident or me lying there, it was Mrs. D. and her teenage daughter, who were driving a little bit behind me and didn't see the accident, who stopped when they came around the corner and saw me lying on the roadside.

I have no memory of it, but I'm told that Mrs. D. patted my back and spoke soothing words to me while her daughter called for an ambulance. They stayed with me until the EMS came, and apparently at that point I told the EMS what street I live on.

Since they were not family -- we had never met prior to the accident -- Mrs. D. and her daughter were told by the paramedics to continue on with their journey. However, they had heard the name of the street I live on, and once home, Mrs. D. started telephoning people whom she knew in the streets around my home to try to ensure that word got to my family.

At this point, the wonderful community spirit of our neighborhood kicked in, and she and her friends soon found several families who know us and were able to reach my husband. She also took the time to email my mother, overseas, over the next few days to see how I was doing.

I had the honor and privilege of meeting these good Samaritans a few weeks ago. Words cannot express how grateful I am for their kindness. Where others did not stop, they did, and stayed with me until medical help arrived.

Thanks to them (and my bicycle helmet!) I am on a good path to recovery, and my family and neighbors were alerted quickly of my accident. They were more than generous with the time and care they took to get me the help I needed, and it means the world to me and my family.


Forest Hills


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