Random Act of Kindness: Young man in orange jersey was chivalrous at the theater

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On Christmas afternoon a group of us "seniors" went to the movies at the Waterfront.

As soon as our car pulled up to the theater entrance, a young man wearing an orange football jersey appeared, as if by magic. He smiled and wished us "Merry Christmas" as he opened the car door and helped each one of us out of the car.

Once we were all safely on the ground, he lifted my walker out of the trunk and opened it for me. He helped each of us up the sidewalk ramp and held both sets of doors open for us. All the while, this young man was smiling and wishing us a happy holiday. He even referred to us as "young ladies."

We thanked him several times but neglected to get his name. Now we want him and everyone else to know how much we appreciated his voluntary assistance and how much our encounter with him brightened our day.

As if that weren't enough joy, I received another surprise after the movie when I lost my wallet. I knew I had had it in the restroom, so I retraced my steps there, praying fervently. No wallet!

I went to the theater's customer service desk with little hope, as it had been less than 10 minutes since I had lost it. But already some kind, honest person had turned it in. The cards, keys, money, etc., were all still there!

The person who found and turned in my wallet is anonymous, but I hope she/he is reading this and knows how extremely grateful I am for the good deed.


Squirrel Hill

Another family stepped in to pay for Christmas gifts

This year was no different from any other -- I waited until the last minute and was scrambling to finish my holiday shopping.

On Christmas Eve, I was with my two children at Walmart in Heidelberg. We worked our way through the store looking for a few last items that we needed to buy. We made our way to the registers to check out.

Once the cashier rang up all of our items she gave me our total, which was $99.69. I reached for my wallet to pay when a man and his two children approached our register.

The man said, "We got this, we got this" and handed the cashier $100 to pay for my entire bill. I was speechless.

I've never experienced a kindness like this in my life. I don't think this family has any idea how much they touched my life in such a brief moment. To the family who I ran into at Walmart right after lunchtime on Christmas Eve, thank you again!


Castle Shannon

Wallet left in shopping cart was handed back to owner

I was at the Kmart in McIntyre Square on Dec. 11 and left my wallet in one of the carts.

I did not realize I had lost it until the next day. My dad suggested that before I canceled the cards, I should call Kmart to make sure no one had turned it in. Turns out there are nice people out there, and someone had given it to a manager.

I went down on Thursday to get it, and all of my money and cards were untouched! Whether it was the person returning the carts or someone else who had just seen it, I wanted to make sure I got the word out there and thanked the person.


West Deer

She's thrilled by return of her highly valued bracelet

While shopping recently I lost a bracelet that had a very special meaning to me, and I was sure it was lost forever.

I called all the places that I had been that day, to no avail. My last call was to Bed Bath & Beyond in Monroeville, and sure enough someone had found it and turned it in.

When I returned to the store to pick it up, I asked if anyone had left a name as the one finding it, and the manager said no. Thank you so much to whomever it was!




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