Random Act of Kindness: Keys were unplanned donation until employees rescued them

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Keys were unplanned donation until employees rescued them

The kindness of employees at Shop 'n Save on Oct. 24 turned it into my best day ever.

I took a bag of clothes to drop off outside the store, putting them in a bin of used items donated to Planet Aid. I felt someone could really use these items.

I threw the bag in, feeling good about this decision, and went inside to shop. Upon leaving, I went to open my car and could find no keys. Where are my keys? Then I remembered they were in the bag of clothes! Panic set in. I went back into Shop 'n Save and told my tale of woe.

Out came Megan and Karen using a step stool and two opened coat hangers. They fished out my bag from the huge clothing bin and, lo and behold, there were my keys.

I was in tears. That act of kindness was the nicest act another person has ever done for me. Megan and Karen are my Shop 'n Save angels.



People offered all kinds of help when tire trouble hit in a storm

On the day that megastorm Sandy hit Pittsburgh, my husband and I found we had a flat tire in the garage.

We called the AAA, which arrived and put the donut tire on the car, saying to drive only 30 mph and go no more than 50 miles until we replaced it.

We left Mount Washington to drive slowly up West Liberty Avenue, with cars passing us while it was raining with high winds blowing. We had to turn up Pauline Street. We had to stop halfway up for heavy traffic when we had a knock at the window.

A well-dressed man with an umbrella said our donut tire had come off the rim, and he asked if we wanted him to go back and pick it up. We thanked him but said that no, we would call AAA. He turned around and went back down the hill. He had followed us to make sure we were safe.

Then a car came down Pauline and pulled over, and the young man asked if we were all right and if he could be of assistance. We said no, we had called the AAA.

We called the garage we were scheduled at to advise we would be late. We pulled to the curb and put our flashers on. The lady from the house we were parked in front of came out and asked if we needed assistance. We told her we had called AAA.

Then she offered her house while we waited for the tow truck. We thanked her and said we would wait where we were for the truck.

When the AAA came, the driver said he could only take one person, so the woman from the house said she would drive us to the garage. She went in for her coat, keys and grandson, then came out and drove us to the Rohrich garage.

She gave us a big hug and a kiss and said she was glad that she could help. We thanked her very much for her kindness and went into the garage.

Conclusion: There are still people out there who will offer assistance to strangers in need.


Mount Washington

Her big fall was cushioned by aid from three good men

I worked at the polls this last election day and as a judge had to take my suitcase and papers to the drop-off point located at the CCAC West Mifflin Campus.

As I was exiting the building I missed the sidewalk and fell flat on my behind. Being a big woman, I was afraid I wouldn't be able to get up, but three wonderful men who were working on the collection truck for the elections came behind me and picked me up like I was a piece of cotton.

They asked if I needed an ambulance, or water or just to sit down, but I was fine -- just a little shaken up. I never did see their faces because it was so dark, but I really appreciated their help. I want them to know how much they helped me.


West Mifflin


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