Random Act of Kindness: A bruised bicyclist, a kind driver

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College student flew off a bike but landed in comforting hands

My daughter is a first-year student at Carnegie Mellon University and loves riding her bicycle around the Squirrel Hill and Shadyside areas of town.

She was on her way to do some grocery shopping on Penn Avenue when she clipped the edge of the curb and went flying over her handlebars. Luckily, she had her helmet on, but her wrists were scraped and quite painful and she had the wind knocked out of her.

A number of people stopped to help, but one woman, whose name my daughter can't remember, got the bike into her SUV, then drove my girl the two miles back to CMU's campus. Liz has a fair number of scrapes and bruises and one badly sprained wrist, but she will be fine and back on her bike soon.

We both wish we could find this Good Samaritan and thank her for taking time from her own day to help a hurt and shaken young student. Her kindness to a college freshman is most appreciated by this mom!


Bethel Park

Stranger's honesty ensured she had satisfying trip to the farmers market

I was going to the farmers market for the first time this year and was very excited. My daughter was taking me, as I cannot drive anymore and had given up my car permanently.

I took my wallet out of my purse to get the list of items that I wanted to buy, then went into the market area and found some of the items I was looking for. But when I went to pay for these, I discovered that I did not have my wallet.

My daughter went back to the car to look for the wallet, but came back and told me it was not there. She lent me money to pay for the items, and I continued shopping.

When I was done, we really searched hard in the car for the wallet. Unfortunately, we had to conclude that someone had taken it, and that there was nothing else to be done except begin the process of canceling cards and renewing licenses.

My daughter drove me home, and when I went into the foyer the doorman told me that someone had come in wanting to return my wallet. She had left a phone number for me, and I called her. She said her daughter was going to be in my neighborhood soon and would meet me in the apartment foyer.

I went down to wait for her, and in a short time she appeared with my wallet. She would not accept a reward, and I thanked her for returning the wallet with everything intact.

I am so grateful that there are people in this world who are so thoughtful. I am still overwhelmed at their compassion and, of course, their honesty. I want them to know I will never forget their kindness and that I will help someone else someday.



Funeral home visit felt lighter as a result of donated dessert

I wonder if the mystery man who paid for our dessert at Eat'n Park recently realized my friend and I were having a "downer" evening.

We had just come from visitation at a funeral home for a mutual friend (my friend and neighbor for at least 55 years) who had died quite suddenly.

Our waitress didn't know who the man paying for us was -- just a kind gentleman. These things do happen! Although neither the pie nor the gentleman's kindness could remove the sadness we felt, it did lift our spirits a little, and we want to express our thanks.


Penn Hills


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