Random Acts of Kindness: Good people of Fairchance eased pain of deer collision

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The morning of Sept. 24, my husband, two dogs and I left our vacation haven -- a small log cabin -- 18 miles southeast of Uniontown intending to get home to Pittsburgh in time for a family funeral at 10:30 a.m.

At 6:10, we hit a deer -- a large young buck -- head-on, killing it instantly and leaving us in a total state of shock. Amazingly, neither one of us was injured and nor were the dogs, but the front of the van was destroyed. My husband called AAA, then dialed 911.

We were about 100 yards from the Fairchance exit on Route 43, and several firemen and EMTs and a state policeman arrived quickly. The policeman said this was considered an "act of God" and, as there were no injuries, there was nothing he could do. He was very compassionate, however, and advised us to wait for a tow truck and then call for a rental car.

It was pitch black out there and very cold and we were quite shaken up. The tow truck guy came and got our van up on the truck with instructions to tow it to Pittsburgh.

In the meantime, these Fairchance people (not sure of their titles -- most were volunteers) stayed with us and talked us into a calm as we were trying to decide what the heck to do! One of them packed us and our two dogs into his car and took us to the Fairchance Volunteer Fire Hall, where we could wait for daybreak and get warm.

These people welcomed us by offering restrooms and then coffee. They let my husband use the phone to call insurance people, then helped us find phone numbers for rental cars. My husband was distraught because he was missing the funeral of his beloved godfather and uncle, but these people were so kind that it helped so much. Around 9:30, they said we had to be getting hungry so they took us to breakfast, which was 20 minutes away. And the fire chief watched our dogs while we went.

When we could not get any results from the rental car places, one gentleman offered to drive us to Belle Vernon to pick one up, though our son then got hold of us and said he would drive to get us. While waiting, we chatted with everyone and a woman brought treats for our dogs.

It was a terrible day that was also beautiful! Everyone we met that day was so very nice and we can't thank them all enough -- the men out on the road with us and then all of the people in the fire hall. I have always felt, despite all the negativism of our society, that the majority of people are truly good, and this proved my point.



Confusion over purse ended with an honest, happy return

It was a beautiful day in West Mifflin, and my husband, twin daughters and I were out and about. We went to Target and got some great deals and a great parking spot. Then we were at Kohl's, where we lucked out and got a front parking space. I had my Kohl's cash and coupons and was ready for my good deals.

I set my purse on the ground next to me while I was getting our daughter in the car. My husband put our other daughter in her car seat, and then I saw him walk behind me, grab my purse and get in the car. When we drove off, I asked him where he had put my purse. He said he hadn't grabbed it, and I told him I'd seen him do so -- but he had only grabbed the car keys and put it back down. We frantically drove back to Kohl's, and it was gone.

I ran in while my husband waited outside with our girls. Someone had returned it. I asked the Kohl's cashier if she could describe who had returned it, as I wanted to thank them. She said it was a woman with blond, curly hair and glasses.

I searched the store and called my husband in the meantime, giving him a description of the woman and telling him to stop her if he saw her. Luckily, he was already talking to her husband. I rushed outside full of gratitude, and he didn't even want to take a reward.

Those wonderful, honest folks saved me from a huge nightmare, not to mention identity theft and just a bunch of headaches. I am so thankful for their being honest and kind people!



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