Random Act of Kindness: The citizen trashman cometh

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A good human came along to clean up after an animal

A few weeks ago a young man did a very kind and thoughtful thing for me. I am a 76-year-old woman with a disability. I have to walk with a cane or walker, and I can't bend over very well to pick up things off the ground or floor.

My daughter had put my trash out at the curb a day early, and then she went out of town for a week-long business trip. Overnight an animal tipped over the trash can and scattered trash all over my driveway and yard.

The can was at the edge of the road and in danger of causing an accident, and I was trying to make my way to the edge of the driveway to at least retrieve the trash can. I had planned to use my cane to scrape as much of the trash as I could into a pile on the side of the driveway until my daughter got back into town and could pick it up for me.

A very kind young man drove past and saw me struggling to pick up the trash can. He parked his truck and lawn equipment trailer on the side of the road, got out of the truck and asked if he could help me. He not only picked up my trash can, but he completely cleaned up the driveway and yard, picking up every last scrap of trash he saw.

Several motorists had gone by and seen me struggling with the can, but no one stopped to help me until this young man came along. I was surprised that he would be thoughtful enough to stop and take the time to pick up my trash can for me, but completely shocked that he would also pick up a week's worth of trash that was scattered in my driveway.

I didn't think to look at his truck to see if there was a company name, nor did I ask him his name -- I was speechless! But he knows who he is, and if he is reading this, I would like him to know how grateful I am and that he has restored my belief that there are still many kind people out there.



On a hot day on the highway, a truckdriver aided local pair

My wife and I left Pittsburgh for Myrtle Beach, S.C., on July 28. While traveling through North Carolina on the highway at 70 mph I encountered an 18-wheel truck in front of me in the right lane.

The truck was going the same speed when suddenly a recap of the tire came off and went under my car. There was a loud noise causing a shock to both me and my wife.

I pulled off the highway, the engine still running. My car and tires seemed OK. We stood on the road for a few minutes before a fellow in a flatbed truck came to assist us. This truck was carrying a car to Kentucky.

This man was with his 11-year-old son. In helping us, he discovered a huge piece of plastic, which was partially shattered. This is what had caused the noise. He then took a sharp knife and cut the plastic in pieces.

The temperature was 100 degrees, but we were OK. I offered the man some money, but he refused, though I insisted. That certainly made our day. God bless people like that for helping others.



Her kids learned a lesson about generosity to others

I took my three boys to the dentist on Aug. 21 for routine checkups and was happy with the "no cavities" report.

I decided to take them to the drive-thru at Chick-fil-A at the Waterfront before going on a back-to-school shopping adventure. When I drove up to the window to pay, I was told the person in the vehicle ahead of us picked up our bill. We were all shocked! What a pleasant surprise.

Not only were we treated to lunch by a random stranger, but it encouraged us in a long conversation about doing kind acts, and that there are still good people out there. I want to thank that person for lunch, but also for a heartwarming lesson with my boys. You made my day!




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