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Not far from Pittsburgh, there is a community living without clean water. Residents of the Woodlands, near Evans City, started to notice a sulphur-like smell coming from their faucets in the summer of 2010. By January, the water was pouring out with "black flakes" in it. In the case of Kim McEvoy, her water went from an always-available stream to a slow, unsteady drip.

At first, residents didn't know what was to blame for their groundwater contamination. Then they were made aware of Rex Energy's nearby drilling operations -- an easy target for blame. But after months of water testing and results showing the operations weren't to blame, it became clear that fault was becoming too big a burden to prove.

Woodlands' residents have grown weary of the blame game. They have shifted focus, from what caused the contamination to how they can live without water.

The images featured above and in the video are taken from their daily lives as they cope without the thing most critical to life.

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First Published August 19, 2012 4:00 AM


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