Random Acts of Kindness: A lady on a broken motorcycle gets royal treatment

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Female motorcyclist had numerous offers of help

I'm a 50-year-old female, fairly new to motorcycle riding, with only a "Powder Puff" mechanics class under my belt from way back in high school.

While out riding July 31 around 11 a.m. my motorcycle broke down on Brighton Road near Marshall Avenue. Thank you to "everyone and his brother" who stopped to see if I was OK or in need of help. The concern from everyone helped to restore my faith in mankind (for womankind, anyhow).

I can only hope the concern would have been the same if I were a male in the same situation!

My knight in shining armor was my husband Gary, driving his Dodge Ram to save the day for me and my iron pony. I appreciate everyone's concern, and praise God that I wasn't hurt in the incident.


Brighton Heights

Surprise came from shopper letting another carry her bag

A few weeks ago, I was at my local Giant Eagle Market District, in line ready to pay for my groceries.

Because I am disabled and in a powerchair, it's hard to rush to get money out of my pocket. The cashier waited patiently while I searched for the 79 cents I still owed. To my horror, I had no change to complete my payment, and I was very embarrassed and upset.

I told the cashier she would have to put a purchase back, because I didn't have the 79 cents to pay it. To my surprise, the cashier then reached into her own pocket and paid for it! I was very grateful to her and thanked her.

Then, as I was loading the bags in my lap, a lady behind me said, "Oh, let me help you with that."

I said, "No, that's OK, I've got it all right." She again insisted and helped me carry the bags.

Upon getting home and unpacking the bags, I found a $20 bill inside one! She really wanted to help me!

I am so grateful to her for helping me out. And people don't believe in angels ... I do.


Bethel Park

Ken volunteered one form of help, but then assisted in a quieter way

My daughter and I had taken my husband, who has been fighting cancer, for radiation treatment. After his treatment we went to Peter's Place in Bridgeville for dinner.

We were transferring my husband from the car to his wheelchair, as he cannot walk. This gentleman walking by, Ken, offered to help. He stayed with us throughout the transfer in case we needed assistance.

After dinner we asked the waitress for the check, and she informed us that Ken had paid for our dinners. We were shocked that someone was so kind, never having met us before.

It's people like Ken that help make this a better world to live in.



Husband was fortunate to fall around right group of people

Early in July my husband and I visited Panera in the Galleria after church.

My husband, who is disabled, stumbled on his chair and fell, cutting his head. Immediately, a gentleman was beside us saying he would get my husband up. Then a kind lady brought him a glass of water.

At the same time, two great workers there were with us. One called 911 and the other held ice on my husband's head. They both stayed with us till the ambulance came.

So many people made a bad situation a little easier. Many thanks for all the kindness we received.




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