Random acts of kindness: Group of oldsters in restaurant gained even more to celebrate

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A group of friends and relatives held a special luncheon on May 17 honoring our cousin Josie by celebrating her 84th birthday at The Cheesecake Factory in Ross.

The eight attendees ranged in age from 83 to 90, all young-at-heart seniors. When our luncheon was about to end, we all sang "Happy Birthday" to Josie and served birthday cake.

At that point, a woman we didn't know who was leaving the restaurant approached Josie. She leaned over and said, "Happy Birthday, Josie, I am picking up your lunch today," and then she exited the restaurant.

Josie attempted to follow her to say thank you, but the woman left the restaurant too quickly, and Josie could not catch up with her. Our entire table of eight grateful, overwhelmed seniors was totally surprised to learn that this generous, kind and caring individual paid for all of our lunches that day!

We wish to provide a heartfelt thank-you to the dear lady for making us smile on this day we had of celebrating life -- we will never forget the kindness and generosity.


Perry South

Young family in car took time to stop and aid a fallen woman

My mother arrived home via Access from a doctor's appointment on July 12 and found that she was not able to open the front door, as she suffers from severe rheumatoid arthritis.

She decided to walk across the street to a neighbor's house to ask for assistance. As she made her way up the steps, she fell, injuring her face and bruising her legs and shoulder. Unfortunately, the neighbor was not at home, and my mother was unable to get up.

As she sat on the steps, bleeding, she attempted to flag down a passing motorist. A young couple with a baby saw her, stopped and came to her assistance. It was a complete miracle that they did because the steps are not close to the street or easy to see.

Although my mother asked to be taken home, the woman wisely called 911 to summon the paramedics. She then stayed with my mother until they arrived to take her to the emergency room. Fortunately, my mom had no broken bones or head trauma, only severe bruising and cuts on her face.

Although my mother asked for the couple's name, she cannot remember it due to all of the activity of the day. Hopefully, they, or someone who knows them, will read this and know that I am very thankful that they stopped to help my mother. She might have sat there for hours had they not stopped to help a stranger in need.


Penn Hills

War veteran found lots of people trying to offer relief on a hot day

My wife and I decided to go to the Regatta on the Fourth of July, and I wore my Korea veteran cap.

So many people stopped to say thanks, young and old alike. One lady stopped and said she had two extra tickets to the Pirates game that day, and she asked if we would like to go. As hot as it was, we said yes.

When we arrived at the ballpark gate, the attendant said he would attempt to get us seating where I wouldn't have to climb the stairs with my cane. As the stadium was sold out, that plan didn't work, but we were directed to the elevator.

When we reached our section, the staff person helped us to our seats. But then, my wife couldn't handle the heat, so she retreated to the concourse walkway and sat down. A staff person there noticed that she was flushed from the heat and got her some ice, then returned later to check up on her.

When a couple behind me were leaving, the woman said "Here's some cold water for you" and handed over a bottle.

I want all the people who stopped to thank this old vet from the "forgotten war" to know how much I appreciated their thoughts, as well as all the kindness my wife and I experienced on the Fourth in the city of Pittsburgh.


Bethel Park


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