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 Pennsylvania Attorney General Kathleen Kane

Kane turns to former Maryland AG to lead porn email probe

Pennsylvania Attorney General Kathleen Kane announced today that she’s hired Doug Gansler to look into the offensive emails.

5 minutes ago

Judge OKs $20 million loan to keep Luzerne County government open

The loan would keep the county afloat while officials wait for a state budget impasse to end

about 3 hours ago

Thanksgiving break ends with budget stalemate still in place

Republican senators were told a Wednesday session was canceled because “we will not be ready to begin budget deliberations and voting.”

about 3 hours ago

 Kathleen Kane leaves a Montgomery County courtroom recently.

AG Kane to announce plans for next chapter in porn email saga

Among the announcements will be the naming of a special prosecutor to investigate the exchange of illicit material on government computers.

about 12 hours ago

 The Pennsylvania Republican Party is counting on presidential hopeful Donald Trump to draw donors for a big-ticket fundraiser next month in New York City.

Trump lined up for state GOP fundraiser in NYC

The Pennsylvania Republican Party is hoping presidential candidate Donald Trump will drive interest in an annual fundraiser in New York.

1 day ago

 Without reauthorization, the state Children’s Health Insurance Program, or CHIP, expires on Dec. 31.

Children’s health safety net expiring unless legislators act by year’s end

The state Legislature is under pressure to reauthorize the CHIP program that provides coverage for 150,000. CHIP expires on Dec. 31.

1 day ago

 The five-month budget stalemate has halted about $7 million in state funds that would have normally gone to food banks around the commonwealth.

Budget standoff has state's food banks looking to hunters for help

Hunters Sharing the Harvest, Pennsylvania’s venison donation program, will mark one million pounds of donated meat this hunting season.

4 days ago

Some Pennsylvania counties may sue state over budget standoff

At least one already declared it will protest by withholding millions it collects in state real estate transfer taxes and court fees.

4 days ago

 Attorney General Kathleen Kane speaks at a news conference earlier this year in Philadelphia.

Senate urged to examine removal of AG

The state Constitution provides for the removal of officeholders through a vote of two-thirds of the Senate and action by the governor.

5 days ago

Judicial board to decide whether to charge justice in email scandal

Justice Eakin is under investigation for his role in an explicit email ring that also involved other judge.

6 days ago

 Tyree Blocker.

Confirmation hearing for Pa. police commissioner nominee goes smoothly

Committee has passed along Tyree Blocker’s nomination to the full state Senate.

6 days ago

 Gov. Tom Wolf

State Senate backs off plan to attempt veto override on budget

Senate Republicans threaten, then call off a planned vote to override Gov.Wolf’s veto of a short-term bill.

6 days ago

While Senate panel ponders AG Kane's authority, House lawmaker ponders impeachment proceedings

Some Democrats are fighting back and asking why the participants in an email scandal are not being equally scrutinized.

6 days ago

 Gov. Tom Wolf said Republicans told him Friday that they could not secure enough rank-and-file support for a 21 percent sales tax increase that they had proposed as the linchpin to a budget deal and school property-tax package.

Wolf says ball in GOP's court after budget deal blowup

Senate Majority Leader Jake Corman says the sides couldn’t agree on which school districts should benefit the most.

1 week ago

 An Uber app is shown as cars drive by.

Pa. Senate advances bill to authorize car services

Bill would set safety standards and insurance requirements for companies and drivers.

6 days ago

 Gov. Tom Wolf

Gov. Wolf says budget agreement in 'deep peril'

Monday night, the Senate took up a proposal to eliminate property taxes by raising sales and personal income taxes, a plan Mr. Wolf opposes.

1 week ago

Philadelphia DA says training helped prosecutors named in scandal

AG Kane had accused two of the men of concocting an investigation of her over her threats to publicize porn emails.

1 week ago

House passes bill keeping jurors' names, addresses private

Bill would make that exemption unless otherwise ordered by courts.

1 week ago

 Legislators in states with an uptick in crude-by-rail traffic have passed laws and changed policies. But Pennsylvania’s Legislature has not.

Crude oil train safety: no action from Pennsylvania lawmakers

Other states with heavy crude-by-rail traffic have passed various laws to address safety. Pennsylvania legislators have not.

1 week ago

 The study found that when there was more political discussion in the house, children were more likely to perceive their parents’ party correctly — though no more likely to choose to identify with that party.

Study: Offspring misperceive, reject parents’ party affiliation

Fewer than half of the offspring examined in the study both knew their parents’ party affiliation and chose to affiliate with that party.

1 week ago

 Marie Jarrah, co-owner of the Damascus Restaurant, speaks during an interview Wednesday in Allentown, Pa. Dozens of Syrian refugee families are being resettled in the Allentown area in part because the city is already home to one of the nation's largest population of Syrians, who began settling here in the late 1800s.

In America's Little Syria - in Allentown, Pa. - a divide on accepting refugees

Pennsylvania’s third-largest city is home to one of the nation’s largest populations of Syrians.

1 week ago

 Attorney general candidate David Fawcett.

Pittsburgh attorney David Fawcett to run for state attorney general

The lawyer is known for his legal battle against A.T. Massey Coal CEO Don Blankenship.

1 week ago

 Attorney General Kathleen Kane will review the court's decision and issue a statement about her next steps by mid-next week, a spokesman said.

Pa. court says porn emails aren't public records under state law

President Judge Dan Pellegrini says the transmissions are not public records just because they were sent through agency accounts.

1 week ago

Pa. senators clash on vetting process for refugees

Bob Casey says security provisions already in place are adequate; Pat Toomey says close the borders to refugees immediately.

1 week ago

Nonpartisan coalition calls for more voter access

Keystone Votes initiative seeks early voting, voting by mail and same-day registration, which are already in place in many other state.

1 week ago

Pennsylvania bill to regulate online gambling moves ahead

A House committee approved the legislation to have a vehicle in place in case budget negotiations turn to gaming for additional revenue.

1 week ago

Medical marijuana bill advances in the Pennsylvania House

A House vote on the bill could come as soon as next week, but it's not clear if still-unresolved issues will stall the legislation,

1 week ago

 Prior to this year's November election, the state did launch an online-registration initiative which allowed voters to register over the Internet.

Coalition pushes for voting reforms to get more to the polls in Pennsylvania

Keystone Votes is seeking a sweeping overhaul of restrictions on voter registration and access to the polls.

1 week ago

As fight with ICA drags on, city claims victory with open records decision

Office of Open Records says authority failed to prove some records, including audits, did not exist.

1 week ago

 In Rep. Mike Turzai's bill, wholesale system would be leased to any importer licensed by the PLCB for 10 years.

Pa. House committee's liquor privatization bill passes in party-line vote

The measure, which leaves open the possibility for later changes, seen as a vehicle for a possible bi-partisan agreement tied to budget

2 weeks ago

 Since the proposal to change the age passed the House and Senate in 2013 and then the House again in February and the Senate through a 36-13 vote Monday, it now goes to the voters.

Pennsylvania voters will decide next year if judges can work to age 75

The Senate’s vote Monday was the last step to get the proposed state constitutional amendment on the ballot in April 2016.

2 weeks ago

 Gov. Tom Wolf said Pennsylvania has a rich, multi-century tradition of accepting immigrants and that that should continue.

Wolf says Pennsylvania will accept Syrian refugees

Texas and Alabama governors are refusing to allow Syrian refugees to relocate in their states following the Paris terrorist attacks.

2 weeks ago

 Democratic candidate for the U.S. Senate Katie McGinty, center,  shares a laugh with Allegheny County Executive Rich Fitzgerald, left, and U.S. Rep. Mike Doyle at the Allegheny County Courthouse on Sept. 5.

Senate candidate McGinty's role in energy industry is questioned

“We have to develop energy cleanly, tackling climate change and keeping jobs here at home,”  Katie McGinty said.

2 weeks ago

Kane responds to subpoena from state Senate committee

A senate committee is reviewing how the suspension of the embattled attorney general’s law license impacts her ability to do her job.

2 weeks ago

 Pennsylvania Attorney General Kathleen Kane leaves the courtroom at the Montgomery County Courthouse in Norristown, Pa., Tuesday.

Ex-employees of AG sue Kane, cite abuse of power

The staffers, including one-time top prosecutors, allege that the attorney general misused her office to retaliate against them.

2 weeks ago

Proposed state budget framework still has many details to resolve

Those questions include whether more education funding could come with a requirement that property tax increases require voter approval.

2 weeks ago

State budget negotiations stay on track

Gov. Tom Wolf and legislative leaders appeared together Tuesday to affirm that they are working toward a state budget deal.

2 weeks ago

Lawyer leaves email probe because of his ties to justice

Chief counsel for the Judicial Conduct Board stepped aside Wednesday from an investigation of a Supreme Court justice’s raunchy emails.

2 weeks ago

Philanthropies put spotlight on Pa. budget impasse's effect on social services

“The first casualties” of a “dysfunctional budget process” are organizations delivering care to those “least able to protect themselves.”

2 weeks ago

 State Sen. Pat Browne, R-Lehigh, has been accepted into a program for first-time offenders after he was charged in May with driving his motorcycle while under the influence.

High-ranking Pa. lawmaker charged with DUI allowed into first-time offender program

Sen. Pat Browne was charged in a May crash after tests showed his blood alcohol content was slightly higher than the state’s legal limit.

2 weeks ago

 Pennsylvania Attorney General Kathleen Kane.

AG Kane held for trial on new perjury charge

New charges against attorney general stem from discovery of oath she signed binding her to secrecy in grand jury matters.

2 weeks ago

Potential state budget deal would raise Allegheny sales tax to 8.25 percent

The proposal includes a statewide sales tax increase of 1.25 percent that would generate $2 billion, but other issues remain unresolved.

2 weeks ago

 Pennsylvania Attorney General Kathleen Kane departs after a hearing on Nov. 5.

District attorneys: License required to do their job

Kathleen Kane, the state’s attorney general, says the suspension of her license has had very little effect on her performance.

3 weeks ago

 Pennsylvania Gov. Tom Wolf.

Pennsylvania's budget moves forward

The tentative spending plan would increase basic education funding by $350 million, raise the sales tax and reduce property taxes.

3 weeks ago

 From right, state Superior Court Judge Christine Donohue, Superior Court Judge David Wecht, Philadelphia Judge Paul Panepinto, Superior Court Judge Judith Olson, Adams County Judge Michael George, Philadelphia Judge Kevin Dougherty and Commonwealth Court Judge Anne Covey participate in a debate in Harrisburg before the elections.

Legislators rethink how Pennsylvania judges are elected

Will the Democrats’ sweep of the Pennsylvania state Supreme Court election give momentum to the idea of merit selection of judges?

3 weeks ago

 The Pennsylvania Capitol building is shown in Harrisburg.

Optimism returns to state budget talks, despite differences

The governor’s office and Republican leaders see progress in agreeing to a state budget by Thanksgiving, but with some miles to go.

3 weeks ago

 Pennsylvania Attorney General Kathleen Kane.

AG Kane says panel reviewing law license suspension lacks authority to issue subpoenas

Sen. John Gordner, R-Columbia, said the subpoena will seek documents and information the board had asked Ms. Kane to provide by Thursday.

3 weeks ago

 Pennsylvania has nearly 1 million more registered Democrats than Republicans, but GOP voters usually do a better job of turning out for off-year elections, when they often catch their opponents sleeping.

Dems outspent, outhustled GOP in statewide judicial races, observers say

Democrats swept five statewide judicial seats on the ballot, including three Supreme Court seats, giving them a 5-2 edge on the high court.

3 weeks ago

 "Any form of harassment by employees or employers is unacceptable," Gov. Tom Wolf said.

Gov. Wolf signs bill adding parties to labor disputes to harassment, stalking laws

Business and industry leaders supported the bill, while labor leaders said it would lead to more costs to protect their rights to protest.

3 weeks ago

Staunton Farm Foundation to help nonprofits during state budget impasse

The foundation said organizations can use the money to cover interest costs on loans taken out to pay staff and programming expenses.

3 weeks ago