Republican presidential candidate Ted Cruz

George F. Will: Unhinged by the Supreme Court

Ted Cruz’s cure for the judiciary is worse than the disease

about 4 hours ago

Kill the LCB: On liquor, Wolf can be progressive or a dinosaur

Pennsylvania’s Prohibition-era mode of alcohol sales could soon be history, and Gov. Tom Wolf is the only obstacle in the way of progress.

about 4 hours ago

 Instructor Brandon Perpichof the Arthur Murray Dance Studio coaches Karen Lindsey on Penn Avenue during Open Streets Pittsburgh last year.

Jennifer Graham: Ban cars Downtown

Open Streets Pittsburgh is great. Let’s do it all the time.

about 4 hours ago

Broker a budget: On spending, both parties must seek compromise

Pennsylvanians want a deal that funds the state, not endless sniping from Republicans and Democrats.

about 4 hours ago

Southern flames: Investigators sort out the fires at black churches

So far no links have been established between the fires and the mass killings in Charleston, S.C., by a self-identified white supremacist.

about 4 hours ago

Focus on quality of life, not population growth

I have always questioned why city leaders are obsessed with growing the city’s population.

about 4 hours ago

The right of people to live must trump gun ownership rights

A homicidal white supremacist’s right to own a pistol doesn’t trump the right of nine souls to live their lives without being gunned down.

about 4 hours ago

Adjustments are necessary to speed the Customs process at Pittsburgh airport

Of 18 flights in June coming from Paris, Customs took more than an hour to process the passengers for six of the flights.

about 4 hours ago

Mt. Lebanon park offers protection against skin cancer but not Lyme disease

Does anyone else find it ironic that Mt. Lebanon has a park sunscreen dispenser, yet fails to effectively cull the deer population?

about 4 hours ago

Regarding Catholics and contraception, the pope cannot change morals

A letter said the church’s teaching is antiquated, irrational and harmful but gave no evidence. I would argue that contraception is harmful.

about 4 hours ago

 Penguins general manager Jim Rutherford discusses a trade in which the team acquired Phil Kessel from the Toronto Maple Leafs at a press conference at Consol Energy Center.

Gene Collier: Kessel trade will determine Rutherford's legacy as Penguins GM

Phil Kessel is said to have great hands; now they are Jim Rutherford’s legacy as general manager of the Penguins.

about 4 hours ago

Feed the Future will help to provide food for millions

Please encourage members of Congress to support this successful program as part of the Global Food Security Act.

about 4 hours ago

The Next Page: Illustrations of life on the Appalachian Trail

As part of a package on the AT, we present these sketches of people and scenes encountered on a recent visit reprising our 1995 adventure.

about 9 hours ago

Brian O'Neill: Pension mess rooted in bad 2001 bill

Shortsighted pension boost 14 years ago set the stage for the mess that needs to be addressed in Harrisburg now.

about 4 hours ago

 thumbprint female

Elizabeth Echevarria: Stop human trafficking in Western Pennsylvania

We must recognize that women are suffering all around us by supporting HB 262.

1 day ago

Welcome mat: Peduto rolls out a smart strategy on immigrants

Pittsburgh embarks on a plan to raise its population be welcoming more immigrants.

1 day ago

Love thy planet: Pope Francis’ bully pulpit on climate change

The pope’s encyclical on global warming charges every human with sustaining the Earth.

1 day ago

Assassin’s return: The man who ignited WWI gets a hero’s tribute

Gavrilo Princip, who murdered Archduke Franz Ferdinand in 1914, receives a monument in Belgrade.

1 day ago

Pittsburgh’s Amtrak station needs attention

Many people desire to use trains to travel, whether for convenience, cost or green awareness, but the Pittsburgh station is a mess.

1 day ago

Santorum shows hypocrisy regarding Catholic theology

Respect for God’s creation as manifested in the natural environment is an integral part of this theology.

1 day ago

Alexander Hamilton deserves his place on the $10 bill

As the first Treasury secretary, he established our nation’s finances and provided the intellectual firepower for Washington’s presidency.

1 day ago

Andrew Jackson is unworthy of being honored on our currency

Jackson forced the removal of the Cherokees from their lands in the Southeast in the “Trail of Tears” (in which about 4,000 died).

1 day ago

 Manager Clint Hurdle asks the crew chief for a video replay during the first inning of the interleague game against the Tigers on June 30, 2015 at Comerica Park in Detroit, Michigan.

Gene Collier: Baseball's video reviews are many seconds we'll never get back

What could prompt more than one sports pundit to long for humans wrestling bears at a baseball game? Increased use of replay, that’s what.

1 day ago

As Others See It: The SpaceX blowup is a useful failure

Recent failures of missions to resupply the International Space Station should be recognized as the cost of making progress in space flight.

1 day ago

Reg Henry: Marriage decision timed to perfection

Court’s timing on gay marriage decision couldn’t have been better.

1 day ago

 Greece's flag

If Greece exits the eurozone, catastrophe will await others

Greece’s governing radicals could transform a giddy exit from the eurozone into a rupture of Western collective security.

1 day ago

Dan Simpson: Americans have allowed guns to spread and unions to fail

Americans are acting against their own best interests by allowing unions to be smothered and by not controlling guns.

1 day ago

 Clementa Pinckney, martyred pastor of Mother Emanuel.

Clementa / Clemente

The martyred pastor and the beloved Pirates star shared a name and a history.

2 days ago

Misfire: The gun lobby miscalculates on a sneaky bill

The U.S. Supreme Court has not been the only judicial body issuing big opinions

2 days ago

Murderous attacks: Militants spread terror on three continents

France, Kuwait and Tunisia have tightened security.

2 days ago

Fiscal failures: Baldwin-Whitehall has many lessons to learn

Baldwin-Whitehall didn’t make changes until recently.

2 days ago

Don’t prejudge any Iran nuclear deal

Congress has not prejudged the outcome of these negotiations.

2 days ago

Pennsylvania's Republican budget proposal is a sham

The Republican budget only puts $8 million in restored funding back into K-12 education.

2 days ago

The justices who upheld Obamacare abused the Constitution

The court is to make rulings based on the clear language of our Constitution.

2 days ago

Conservatives want government out of religion, but religion in government

Why is it that the religious right wants government out of religion but wants religion in every part of our government.

2 days ago

 Pete Rose was banned from baseball in 1989 after violating the No. 1 rule in sports by betting on games while he was managing the Cincinnati Reds.

Ron Cook: Shameless Pete Rose will do anything to make a buck

The Washington Wild Things’ quest to sell tickets brings disgraced major leaguer to Western Pennsylvania tonight.

2 days ago

Tony Norman: Marital traditions include sorry history

When critics of gay rights talk about marital tradition, they forget to consider the whole picture.

2 days ago

 Brick steps, part of the Haberman Avenue right of way, descend to Cedarhurst Street in Beltzhoover.

Diana Nelson Jones' Walkabout: Haberman link seems like the right path for Hilltop

If you know and love Pittsburgh, you will understand the existence of Haberman Avenue.

2 days ago


Baseball needs tough rules on bad pitches

Raise the penalty for hitting batters.

2 days ago

It's time to legalize polygamy

Yes, it's true; group marriage is the next horizon of social liberalism.

2 days ago

 Robert E. Lee

The Confederates were Americans, too

They thought they were the ones upholding American values.

3 days ago

Health plan: Pa. must turn up the heat on UPMC, Highmark

Let’s hope Gov. Wolf and state Attorney General Kane can bring this nonsense to an end.

3 days ago

Drugged state: Pennsylvania could do more to curb overdoses

The number of overdose deaths suggests the need for a database to aid doctors in limiting patients’ access to drugs.

3 days ago

Burundi’s turmoil: Violence mounts after a president clings to power

Burundi rejects calls to postpone today’s parliamentary elections

3 days ago

Baldwin’s school chief showed courage, too

Caitlyn Jenner would be an instantly recognized individual to most.

3 days ago

Acknowledge the Charleston killings as terrorism.

The massacre at the Emanuel African Methodist Episcopal Church was a terrorist attack.

3 days ago

We must stand up the gun lobby for our safety.

We all need to rise up and force our leaders to finally stand up to the gun lobby and choose life above politics and, yes, money.

3 days ago

A letter writer was wrong about the Kennywood pool closing.

The owners of the park at that time were the Henninger and McSwigan families, who were wonderful people

3 days ago

 Neil Walker hits a fifth-inning two-run home run against the Atlanta Braves June 5 in Georgia.

Ron Cook: Alvarez, Walker fall short in Pirates' 2-1 loss

The Pirates offense is in a bind with neither Neil Walker nor Pedro Alvarez hitting consistently or producing runs this season.

3 days ago

 Welcome to the USA

Gary Rotstein’s Morning File: Pittsburgh missing the boat on immigrants, for now

If you look up the definition of “irony,” you just might find a description of Mayor Bill Peduto’s “Welcoming Pittsburgh” immigration push.

3 days ago