The Fumbler: These picks more than just fantasy

The Fumbler was a big winner last week, going 54-10, improving him to 264-57 for the season. Here are his thoughts on this weekend's games.

1 day ago

Many more ups than downs in record

The Fumbler went 53-11 (.828) last week, which raised his season record to 210-47 (.817); here are his thoughts on this weekend's top games.

1 week ago

The Fumbler: Keeping cool as pressure takes its toll

The Fumbler recently experienced his most stressful moments ever on a high school football night, and it had nothing to do with the game.

2 weeks ago

The Fumbler: Longing for a defensive display

The Fumbler has been afflicted by the side effects of attending the wildest game he’s ever seen in all his years as a high school football

3 weeks ago