Personal Finance

Delinquencies on loans expected to rise

Analysts, though, said more delinquencies could include a positive sign for the economy.

about 14 hours ago

PNC Bank refunding customers hit by fees

The $90 million settlement covers customers who had PNC accounts accessible by a debit card between Jan. 1, 2004, and Aug. 15, 2010.

2 days ago

 The IRS can assess penalties to taxpayers for failing to file on time.

Failure to file a tax return can be worse than not paying the taxes owed

The closing bell rings at midnight for filing 2013 tax returns. The penalty for filing late is normally 5% of the unpaid taxes each month.

2 days ago

Consumer Reports: What you need to know about prepaid cards

Prepaid cards are no longer just for people who don’t have bank accounts. Fees have declined, and many prepaid cards offer more features.

4 days ago

The Color of Money: Some options for paying the IRS

A “rescue” could cost you thou­sands of dol­lars.

5 days ago

Good Question: Tackling unpaid collection accounts

So, how should you han­dle un­paid col­lec­tion ac­counts? Pay them off.

4 days ago

Pew: ‘Gotcha’ rules still needed at banks

The nation’s biggest banks are doing a better job of clearly disclosing key terms and fees on checking accounts, found a study by Pew.

1 week ago

Wal-Mart sows Wild Oats: Organic brand at affordable prices

The chain is taking aim at the sales growth that organic food has been enjoying, but says it can offer such products at a lower price.

1 week ago

Retirement assets are making a comeback

Their health was a strong indication that many savers have seen their investment accounts bounce back from the financial crisis of 2008.

1 week ago

The Color of Money: Running the IRS

The IRS has a lot of responsibility for issues related to the Affordable Care Act.

1 week ago

Shop Smart: Surprising hazards in your home

Here’s a scary thought: Your microwave can suddenly turn itself on and set the house on fire.

1 week ago

N.Y. is latest state to protect against surprise doctor bills

Hospital patients in New York state gain legal protection against unexpected bills from doctors who won't accept their insurance.

1 week ago

Why mutual funds are preferable to unregulated bitcoin

Are unregulated areas like bitcoins worthy investments, and how safe are more traditional investments such as mutual funds?

1 week ago

 Sam Welker, 24, of Moon, is a former Marine who provides free tax assistance to veterans as part of a United Way program.

United Way expands tax prep services

Veterans are among those who can receive free tax preparation through a United Way-sponsored program.

1 week ago

PUC proposes regulations aimed at variable rate electricity suppliers

Pennsylvania’s Public Utility Commission unveiled a new set of regulations aimed at electricity suppliers that sell variable rates.

1 week ago

Consumer Reports: Great online ways to save on shopping

The latest and greatest shopping sites and apps from the team at ShopSmart.

2 weeks ago

Post Your Problems / Lawrence Walsh: Even most careful consumer can be duped by these scams

The recent Consumer Fair at the City-County Building highlighted ever-changing frauds that can cause big trouble.

3 weeks ago

Security freezes back in spotlight after high-profile data breaches

Data breaches at stores revive interest in security freezes, but there are some unwanted side effects for consumers.

3 weeks ago

Freezing files from your credit report

What it does, what it costs, and where to start.

3 weeks ago

Heard off the Street: Economist touts employee-owned companies

Gar Alperovitz was promoting the idea of rebuilding communities through cooperatives, employee-owned companies and other economic models

3 weeks ago

Shop Smart: Credit unions making gains in services

Here’s the lowdown on four banking alternatives worth considering.

3 weeks ago

Elder Law: A sampling of frequently asked questions

Filial responsibility, taking care of Fido and others.

3 weeks ago

Municipal bonds making welcome comeback

Dynamics are improving for municipal bonds, beaten down so badly last year that they posted their worst returns in nearly two decades.

3 weeks ago

 PNC Bank in Bakery Square.

PNC replacing credit cards used during Target breach

PNC Bank is in the process of canceling all of its credit cards used at the discount retailer during the cyber break-in.

3 weeks ago

Subtle pitfalls can damage credit scores

There are subtle, often unrecognized, things people do that may damage their credit scores and spook would-be creditors.

3 weeks ago


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