Diana Nelson Jones

 Homemade signs on trees and elsewhere help people find their way around Chateau.

Diana Nelson Jones' Walkabout: Some signs point to emerging vibrancy of Chateau

A riverfront trail scene is enlivening the little-known North Side neighborhood of Chateau.

5 days ago

 Artist Tom Otterness' sculpture/slide "Playground" in use at the Aspinwall Riverfront Park opening Sunday.

Diana Nelson Jones' Walkabout: Aspinwall Riverfront Park a testament to tenacity

Huge crowds turn out for grand opening of Aspinwall Riverfront Park, a concept that became a reality in five years.

1 week ago

 An array of Lynn Johnson's photos for the exhibit "In the Air."

Diana Nelson Jones’ Walkabout: Photographs that show the sorry picture of local air pollution

A group photography exhibit opening this week at Pittsburgh Filmmakers raises our consciousness about our bad air quality.

2 weeks ago

Diana Nelson Jones’ Walkabout: Garfield grows as a lively arts scene

Garfield is more alive every day, but especially one Friday night a month.

3 weeks ago