The inaugural (and sold out) King of the Wing contest will take place Sunday at Hop Farm Brewing Company in Upper Lawrenceville.

Munch goes to Wingstop and Wings Over Pittsburgh

Wing chains bring the heat and provide the warm-up for a competition judge.

about 20 hours ago

 An array of thin Sicilian pizza slices from Slice Island at the Spirit Lodge in Lawrenceville.

Munch goes to Spirit Lodge and Slice Island

Lawrenceville pizza and performance space offers perfect pies and people-watching.

2 weeks ago

Munch goes to Barrel Junction

House-smoked meats and craft beers highlight Barrel Junction, a pub on Route 8 in Richland.

3 weeks ago

 A weisswurst served with mustard, potato pancakes (with sour cream and applesauce) and roasted beets.

Munch goes to Open German Italian Flair

A quirky restaurant in Venetia serves both German and Italian food and more in the basement of a country post office.

4 weeks ago