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As we enter the New Year, here's our list of what you need to know now. For better or worse -- and there's some of both -- it represents a cultural capsule of this moment in time.

From a South Korean rapper who has more than 1 billion viewings on YouTube to the word ginormous, which only entered dictionaries in 2007 but threatens to become the next "amazing," we've condensed the field to represent the most ubiquitous.

Don't know them all? Don't worry. Many will be gone tomorrow even as we wonder why they're here today.

Take Camilla Alves, who turned her marriage to actor Matthew McConaughey into a lucrative contract for Macy's INC clothing and home lines based on what exactly?

Don't get us started! Happy New Year!


1. Alfred Hitchcock
2. "Homeland"
3. bossy restaurants
4. "iconic"
5. Edison light bulbs
6. Snapchat
7. RG3
8. Kale and Brussels sprouts
9. memes
10. barre exercises
11. South Korean rapper PSY and "Gangnam Style"
12. movie history for movie masses
13. gun control discussion
14. Disney princess makeup
15. high top fades
16. Angus T. Jones on "Two and a Half Men"
17. Icelandic yogurt
18. Belstaff
19. Camila Alves
20. Alec Baldwin
21. big-framed nerd glasses
22. Cocktail culture
23. Marion Cotillard
24. Abe Lincoln, pop icon
25. cake pops
26. "Fifty [pale] Shades of Grey" imitations
27. photo realist fabrics
28. gluten
29. Cinemagram
30. coconut water
31. Desert boots
32. Samsung Galaxy commercials
33. Art Basel, Art Basel Miami, now Art Basel Hong Kong
34. Lana Del Rey
35. colored skinny jeans
36. warm metallics
37. toy mystery packets
38. Flavored salt
39. butcher shops
40. "Thank you for reaching out to me"
41. heirloom grains
42. velvet slipper shoes
43. "ginormous"
44. ombre hair
45. arithmetic
46. "fiscal cliff"
47. zombies and vampires (they're immortal!)
48. smoking pot
49. whiny, irrelevant Republicans
50. Morocco



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