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You can practically taste the lager while spinning through the official, free Munich Oktoberfest app. Although this legendary event concluded a few days ago, the app is a fascinating glimpse at one of the world's coolest cultural festivals.

Plus, it'll make you want to run out and find the nearest German restaurant. This time of year, we recommend the Hofbrauhaus on the South Side.

The free application is courtesy of Datenwerk GmbH. Of course, it would be THE app to have if you happen to be at the big beer blast, but play around with it for a bit and you'll feel as if you were.

There are descriptions of each of the venue tents, with seating figures, food choices, the ones best for families, the ones for those who enjoy fish-on-a-stick (apparently, there are several varieties of fish-on-a-stick. Awesome).


There is a category for measuring one's blood alcohol -- which probably is a bit much to manage if you've already had a few -- another keeps count of your drinks. There's a translation dictionary. (Who knew "Charivari" was the decoration on Lederhosen?)

We learn that the average Oktoberfest 1-liter draft is 6.5 percent alcohol, and that more than 6 million people visited the 2012 event. There's even a barometer to predict the dates and times when the crowds are thinnest, sort of like Disney World.

Under "News" we learn that Lost and Found was indeed a bustling place. Among the items left there were 950 passports, 480 cell phones, two bugles, a dog and an autographed copy of the Oktoberfest issue of Playboy magazine.

It also notes that the two most requested songs for Oktoberfest 2012 were a virtual tie. Listen to them in the videos above and decide for yourself.

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