2 new iPad apps are first class

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When the RMS Titanic went down 100 years ago, "high-tech" referred to the Marconi wireless radio system. What would passengers have made of two new iPad apps?

The British History Press' $4.99 "Titanic: Her Journey" is stunning in its detail. Not only are there photos and descriptions of the ship's construction and fittings, we learn details such as: the famous grand staircase in first class was oak, in the "William and Mary style."

Each of her nine decks are meticulously detailed. There are also sections about the crew and passengers, a timeline, memorials, books to read and data on losses.

National Geographic Channel's free "Building Titanic" incorporates photos and old films -- many from Titanic's sister ship, Olympic -- to illustrate the massive undertaking in building the "Ship of Dreams."

Beginning with design concepts and ending with Titanic in all her newly minted glory, this app provides a detailed look at each stage in construction.

More than 600 "ribs" helped form Titanic's skeleton, for example, and the fourth funnel was added more for show than utility.

"Building Titanic's" home page navigates around an especially cool, time-lapse graphic of the ship being built from the ground up. It, and "Titanic: Her Journey" are worthy of first-class status.

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