The fried bologna and egg sandwich at Sammy's Pin High Pub at the Hickory Heights Golf Club in Bridgeville.

Munch goes to Sammy's Pin High Pub in Bridgeville

Even non-golfers can appreciate a good bite at the clubhouse at Hickory Heights Golf Club.

6 days ago

 A platter of carnitas tacos toppped with fresh avacado, cilantro and Mexican farmer's cheese outside of Doce Tacqueria on East Carson Street on the South Side.

Munch goes to Doce Taqueria on the South Side

This Carson Street taco shop offers quick, quality and inexpensive grub.

1 week ago

 An asada (steak) taco at El Milagro in Beechview, topped with fresh radish, cilantro and onions in a soft corn shell.

Munch goes to El Milagro

El Milagro is a modest "miracle" of Mexican food in Beechview.

2 weeks ago

 Shelly Farren, proprietor of Shelly Pie Pizza in Turtle Creek, presents a pepperoni and mushroom pizza just our of the oven.

Munch goes to Shelly Pie Pizza

The pizza student becomes the Jedi Master in the Mon Valley.

3 weeks ago