Let's celebrate in 2014

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The New Year's Day holiday just passed, but wouldn't it be great if, in addition to the regular holidays, everyone could pick an unusual or silly holiday each year and have the day off to celebrate? Maybe your school or your parents' bosses won't go along with this idea, but here's a list of holidays that you might consider:

Jan. 13 -- Rubber Duck Day. Pull those old friends out from under the sink, and take a bath!

Feb. 5 -- National Weatherperson's Day. John Jeffries, born on this date in 1744, was one of America's first weather observers. Build an anemometer.

March 3 -- National Anthem Day. "The Star-Spangled Banner" was written on Sept. 14, 1814, but it didn't become the national anthem until March 3, 1931. How to celebrate the day? By singing, of course.

April 15 -- National Rubber Eraser Day. Chemist Joseph Priestly discovered on this date in 1770 that a type of rubber could erase pencil marks. Anyone who has made a mistake should be grateful.

May 18 -- International Museum Day. Head to a local museum.

June 30 -- Meteor Day. Look up into the night sky and search for streaks of light.

July 22 -- Hammock Day. Spend the day relaxing and gently swinging in the backyard.

Aug. 13 -- Left-Handers Day. Celebrate southpaws, the 10 percent of people who favor their left hand.

Sept. 22 -- World Rhino Day. Spend the day learning about these endangered animals, which are often hunted for their horns.

Oct. 8 -- Touch Tag Day. This game, which has been played for thousands of years, isn't just for recess.

Nov. 16 -- Button Day. Wear a smiley-face button or a bunch of buttons. You get the idea.

Dec. 10 -- Human Rights Day. The United Nations created this day in 1950 to remind people that everyone in the world is "free and equal in dignity and rights." Something to ponder.


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