Casa bella: Shadyside beauty melds tastes of Italian & Victorian hospitality

Julie Coletti’s grand house and six others will be open Sunday for the 36th annual Shadyside House Tour.

Retiree followed young people to Lawrenceville for her new digs

Peg Parks has a tried-and-true formula for choosing the hippest Pittsburgh neighborhood in which to live: Follow the young people.


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Communities at a Glance

Bell Acres at a glance

Located 19 miles northwest of Pittsburgh, Bell Acres is nestled in the floodplains of Big and Little Sewickley creeks.

Harmar at a glance

Located just 13 miles northeast of Pittsburgh, Harmar Township was named after Ebenezer Denny's son, Harmar.



5 Things We Are Loving This Week

Lots to still see, do and watch this weekend — Phipps flower show, South Side StepTrek, “Saturday Night Live” and HBO’s John Oliver.

Osborne Elementary School’s gARTen Club receives program grants

The school in the Quaker Valley School District has received two grants worth nearly $9,000 to encourage education in and through the arts.