VOTE: What did Anthony Bourdain miss in the Pittsburgh episode of 'Parts Unknown'?

Professional wrestling? Demolition derby? C’mon, Anthony Bourdain -— you could have done better.

We’ll certainly agree that it would be impossible to include all of our favorite Pittsburgh dining and drinking places in the one-hour episode of Anthony Bourdain’s “Parts Unknown” that aired on CNN on Sunday night. But it omitted dozens of places that scream Pittsburgh best.

It didn't acknowledge the growing number Asian restaurants, the vegan movement or the darn good artisan bread and chocolates that are all made in Pittsburgh. And the show made just a passing reference to the region’s booming brewing and distilling industry.

Here's a quick list of places we think should have been included on the show, and there's no excuse to have left them out. What are your favorites? And what did we miss? Check back on Friday for the results.


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