Food truck review: Stickler's

Stickler’s frozen pops are so fresh-tasting that I almost didn’t feel bad about eating three of them in one afternoon. The Arnold Palmer is light and sweet; the tea and lemon flavors are understated and subtle. The Mixed Berry is fruity and fresh, with a raspberry flavor that barely stands out in the blend. It and Strawberry Lemonade, my favorite, had seeds and tiny pieces of berry in it. It was a welcome change from the clear, powdered pink lemonade I’m used to. The sweet and tart elements balance each other and it’s intense without being overpowering.

The most unusual flavor was Elvis. With peanut butter, banana, and honey, it’s a pretty different from what you expect in a fruit pop. Pleasantly sweet, the banana and peanut butter blend well.

The pops cost $3 each or four for $10. They can definitely survive a 25-minute commute in warm temperatures, but it’s probably better not to take the risk.


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