Food truck review: Pittsburgh Pierogi Truck

The Pittsburgh Pierogi Truck’s owners try to honor their Polish ancestry with authentic Eastern European dishes. Although the food was delicious, it wasn’t much different than at other pierogi places.

They offer two types — potato and cheese and stuffed cabbage —  plus several frozen options such as potato and bacon and kraut and mushroom — but I was disappointed the truck didn’t offer individual portions of these gourmet pierogies. They also offer haluski (cabbage and noodles) as well as combination platters.

I tried Polish platter  No. 1, which included three potato-and-cheese pierogies, one cabbage pierogi and haluski. Though I’m not a cabbage person, I would have liked more cabbage and less meat in that pierogi. All were generously filled and slathered in butter but tasted bland after the first few bites. Coating them with sauce from the stuffed cabbage definitely helped.

The haluski stole the show, with the sweet taste of the cabbage and onion complementing the noodles. 

The food was plentiful, steaming and buttery. I left feeling full, happy and Polish.


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